Monday 28 February 2011


I could do a serious post about the Oscars fashion here, analysing the style winners (Mandy Moore, Anne Hathaway and Hailee Steinfeld are my top 3) and losers (sorry Madonna) but since the fashion press have already analysed the minutiae details of the night's looks, I'm choosing to blog about... Justin Bieber. Yes, pop's young dream Justin Bieber was at the Vanity Fair Oscars do last night, stepping out publicly for the first time with his stunning new beau Selena Gomez. Had I been 5 years younger this would probably have induced insane jealously within me, but since I'm 22 and not a brain-washed American teen, the real issue raised for me by their appearance was their choice of his'n'hers Dolce and Gabbana matching outfits; Selena's pillar box read plunging gown perfectly co-ordinated with Biebers pocket-handkercheif. I have to say, as I rule I dispise his and hers fashion, it's so cheesy and contrived and no match for two well dressed individuals. But, dare I say it, there's something out this Hollywood couple's his and her looks that just works, namely because the outfits still reflect their personal styles, or maybe because they just look cute as a button when styled together? So is his and hers fashion ever acceptable? Well as Justin and Selena prove, you should never say never (sorry!)

Thursday 24 February 2011


I always forget what a wonderfully optimistic season Spring is until it finally arrives and reaquaints me with the joys of the season; daffodils, longer, lighter days and fluffly little lambs to name but a few. Today Spring has definitely arrived in London and it has got me thinking it's time to inject a breath of fresh Spring air into my wardrobe. And what better way to do it than with the iconic emblem of the season that is the easter bunny? This adorable sterling silver bunny pendant from Thomas Sabo is the perfect springtime accessory, and the more I see it at work (I work in Thomas Sabo UK head office) the more I feel I need it in my jewellery collection. Pick up your bunny at here.

Wednesday 23 February 2011


House of Holland a/w11

House of Holland a/w11

Christopher Kane a/w11

And the winner of the suprise trend of LFW a/w 11 goes to... crochet, and if you're thinking this is a fabric that looks vaguely familiar it's probably because you've seen it before in the form of your nanna's homemade blanket. But nostalgia aside , it appears the trend for all things homespun is set to be big next season, with Henry Holland and Christopher Kane sending their interpretations down this catwalk at London Fashion Week. Kane took the traditional craftsey throw and reworked it for the modern woman, showing it in dark hues of black, forest green and electric blue with the odd flash of aquamarine and coating it to create wet-look crochet. Over at House of Holland, Henry H went for a ironic vibe, opting for bright, poppy colours and showing crochet print playsuits, prom dresses and tights. So, if your primary school textiles class tuition of how to knit is as rusty as mine, I recommend you get knitting your crochet scarf now. Who knows, you might even be finished by a/w11....