Tuesday 21 August 2018


A few weeks ago I fulfilled a long-standing London ambition and paid a visit to The Barbican Conservatory. If you've ever visited Barbican Estate you'll know it's an other worldly kind of place, a brutalist masterpiece that divides like marmite. Some find the ambience oppressive, but I personally love the architecture and would give my right arm to live in the postcode. The Conservatory is hard to access because it's open on select Sunday afternoons only, when I can frequently be found nursing a hangover. It's so worth the effort of a trip however, a tropical hot house of flora and fauna intertwined around imposing brutalist concrete work. The contrast between the botanical and the mad-made is extraordinarily beautiful AND there's real life terrapins in there too. 

The tropical 'Cuba Print' dress that I'm wearing is a long-term sartorial crush for me. It's from a brand called Rixo London that I first came across in Paris when I was working in the same showroom as the Rixo founders during fashion week. The trip to Paris was ill-fated (I ate some dodgy salmon tartare, contracted food poisoning and projectile vomited allover my hotel suite) so I promised myself that after such a crappy experience I'd treat myself to a Rixo dress one day. Two years down the line and I picked this one up for less than half price from Depop, it was still eye-watering expensive, but worth every penny. The cut is so beautiful and so flattering, I think every girl needs a little wrap dress in their wardrobe. This exact Rixo dress isn't available any more but there's lots similar on their site. 

Rixo London Mini Wrap Dress | London Fashion Blogger | Barbican Conservatory