Thursday 29 June 2017


Let's talk about the SS17 jumpsuit trend. I shouldn’t admit this when I have a fashion blog – but I’m fairly hopeless when it comes to assembling outfits. I have to think long and hard about what goes with what, and even then, there’s usually an element that’s off-kilter (generally the bloody shoes. Why the f*** is it so tricky to find the right shoes?) 

Which is why I’m very in favour of an all-in-one. Jumpsuits / dungarees / playsuits / boilersuits; whichever your onesie of choice, they are a failsafe purchase if you’re rubbish at getting dressed like me. 
Great Plains Timed Out Boilersuit | London Fashion Blogger | Street Style

I'm wearing: Jumpsuit: Great Plains c/o [in the sale yassss] | Lace up sandals: Boden [in sale also!] | Sunglasses: Karen Walker | Chelsea Crossbody Bag: Loxley England

More all-in-ones to that I heart:

Sunday 11 June 2017


Feminism is in fashion - tangibly. With every high street shop selling t-shirts baring feminist slogans, Instagram is awash with influencers wearing their pro-female feels. It’s an interesting zeitgeist, given the fashion industry can receive a bad rap where feminism is concerned.

The Devil Wears Prada will have you believe fashion is a bitchy industry, built upon female-to-female competition. The relationship between protagonist Andy Sachs and her colleague Emily is fraught and wholly unsupportive, whilst Runway magazine editor Miranda Priestly shows only a small flicker of humanity as the book draws to a close.

The media will have you believe fashion is responsible for female body dysmorphia; fashion week wouldn't be fashion week without some tired criticism levelled at designers for sending gaunt girls down the catwalks. And the models are often stereotyped as half-starved characters with low IQ’s, exploited at the hands of the industry. The reality? In my experience, the above preconceptions couldn’t be more wrong.

I'm wearing: Skirt - Havren (old) similar | Crew neck jumper - WoolOvers c/o | Glasses: Bailey Nelson UK | Bag: Loxley England | Shoes: Topshop