Wednesday 25 March 2009


This yummi boutique dress from appeals to me not because of the print, or bold colours, but because of the cute little matchbelt that references 1980's fashion very nicely. Why don't designers belt printed dresses with matching fabric belt anymore? I have memories of my mum owning a whole host of pretty Laura Ashley dresses with matching belts in ditzy floral fabrics. Now just a few stray florally belts are left floating around her wardrobe to remind her of the dresses that have now perished. For some reason the matchbelt always outlives the dress, or in my Mum's case the matching lilac jumpsuit with matching lilac belt. There's something neat and polished about a matching belt in same fabric as the rest of one's outfit, if only there were more examples like this Yummi boutique number on the highstreet.