Tuesday 22 December 2009


Blimey! It's nearly time up for the noughties and what a decade it's been. Looking over Grazia's review of the decade today you have to wonder what 00's will be remembered for- what with reality tv & low brow celebs creating some of the defining moments since the turn of the new century culture certainly seems to have dumbed down somewhat.

Ranting a raving aside, new year for me = new year's resolution's but none of the atypical kind mind. No, I'm talking fashion resolutions, much more fun & much less serious than vowing to graduate. I like to look at my wardrobe and decide what sartorial changes will make 2010 fashion-tastic. Here are my resolutions thus far...

1.Be more daring (& flash a bit of flesh)

I am 21 and feel ok about my figure, yet I rarely flass any flesh. Because I have quite long legs I am concious getting them out can give the green light to perves. But my solution is that I am considering flashing a little bit of tum instead, a more subversive way to reveal skin and less appealing to tit/ arse perves. A perfect new season buy for me would be this ASOS oversize jumper (£35) with mesh insert that makes reference to the glamour/ grunge trend.

2. Wear heels on the odd occasion

I shy away from heels because they make me feel really tall, but I am trying to embrace them and celebrate my 5'10 stature. Just bought this real nice Peacocks skater boots (£30) that would look quite fit with the jumper above I think.

3. Stop buying stuff I don't wear!!!
Pretty damn impossible.

Sunday 6 December 2009


It's amazing how appealing blogging suddenly becomes when I have a 3,500 word report wanting to be written. Anything to avoid work!!

Went to Topshop today, I usually boycot it cos everything is too expensive for what it is and falls apart after one wash but I wanted a bandage skirt & no where else seems to sell them at the moment. Anyway rambling aside, I came across the cutest t-shirt in the world, this lovely number with little eiffel towers dotted allover it. And what's more, they're not printed but embroidered giving it a tres chic homespun feel. I was very good and resisted (£22!! not on my budget), but it got me thinking about the allure of Paris and French style in fashion. For me, there's no bigger complement than being told I 'look french', although it's hard to say what that really entails when I you think about it. I guess I think french style is all about being demure, where less =more and flesh is not overtly flashed. The overall effect is understated and yet all the more sexy for it. I hope that's what people imply when they tell me I look french, although they might just be saying I am one string of garlic & a baguette away from looking like a cliche. Hope not.

Saturday 5 December 2009


If you haven't already spotted her face plastered all over your local branch, Kimberley Walsh has been picked this season as the face of New Look. Apparently shoppers did a poll on the website asking who they'd most like to see as the face of the brand, and the lovely Ms Walsh came top. Unlike last season's face, Alexa Chung, she's less fashion forward and much more accessible for the average New Look shopper. She has womanly curves & dresses well to flatter her figure. Whilst I wouldn't say she excites me fashion-wise personally (although she is mega fit) it's a great example of a high street retailer sending out a positive message about bodyshape to young women (unlike the waifs that pout in the Topshop billboard ads). Well done New Look.

Wednesday 2 December 2009


John and Edward Grimes as you've never seen them before.. i.e not in a shiny suit.
But it all seriousness Grazia has done a stella job making them over for this week's issue. Whilst I wouldn't say they look sexy they definitely look sharp, does a modelling career beckon for the boys who can put their hand/ blag their way into anything??

Friday 27 November 2009


I haven't blogged in ages because university + job in making me work like a mutha!!

However, it's nearly Christmas and I just have to extoll the virtues of the Christmas knit. Just came across my dream xmas jumper on theoutnet.com , past season Stella McCartney and even though it's a purse pinching £310, it's already sold out! In my opinion there's no point spending loads of money on a piece with such a short shelf life (we are talking 3 weeks max), so I've hunted out some equally as festive yet cheaper alternatives.

Stella M.

Topshop, £48

Cropped cardi, Mango @ ASOS, £47

And finally one of those is it hideous/is it amazing? numbers from LazyOaf.co.uk, £39. Available in boys & girls sizes.
Wear with leggings or thick tights, wooley scarf & hat and of course that much needed hint of irony.

Monday 21 September 2009


After my puzzled blog a few weeks ago, asking what the hell Very.com was, the fog has cleared, the penny has dropped and I now understand that it is the new name for Littlewoods direct. Still puzzled as to why it's stocking Peaches for PPQ range- I thought was exclusive to Oli.co.uk.
On the subject of Peaches and her 2nd (or 3rd?) range for PPQ, I am very impressed. Miss Geldof and the PPQ team have come up with a cute collection of winter florals and Laura Ashley inspired smock dresses. Very current. This velvet dress above is 59 pounds and will be a great addition to your winter wardrobe. The sweetheart necklace and fitted shape gives a nod to the 80s trend that is huge at the moment, whilst the winter floral print make it a great day-dusk dress that can be dressed up or down. Student loan day on Weds. I am seriously tempted.


I've not posted in a while, because I've had no net access but I am pleased to say I am back blogging again. Much has happened in fashion in the past few weeks, mainly because New York fashion week has just finished and London fashion week is well underway. London fashion week promises to be a-mazing with shows from my favourites including Christopher, Jonathan Saunders, Amanda Wakeley, Nathan Jenden, the show list just makes me drool.

9.30am on Saturday the 19th saw knitwear designer Mark Fast's show take place. And whilst his sexy, body-concious knitted pieces have the fashion journos gushing, it was his decision to include size 12 and size 14 models in the show that caused the real stir.
The size 14 model is here on the left, whilst on the right and below are two classic catwalk size 6-8 models. The plus (!) size model looks a-mazing in my opinion, she looks like a pre-raphelite muse of Gabriel Rosetti and her curves breathe life into the body-concious pieces. Shame then that the stylist working on the show the Mail reported today stepped down after fast insisted on having larger models included in the show. It's an interesting back lash to the size zero debate.

Tuesday 25 August 2009


Last week I suffered from my first ever case of what I have decided to call 'shoulder envy'. By this I am describing the overwhelming sense of jealously felt when one spots a fashionista with a bigger, pointier & generally more fabulous shoulder padded garment than the one on your own back.This fashion fever will no doubt be a problem for many fashionistas this a/w and can strike when you least expect it. In my case I was just strolling casually round the new branch of Zara in Leicester Highcross when a girl waltzed past me in an amazing shrunken blazer with the most exaggerated shoulders I have seen outside of a Balmain catwalk! Worst of all she had accessorized it with a genuine Chanel 2.55 handbag just to make me extra jealous. Grrrr!!!

Good news is I have found a fabulous version of her jacket in River Island, which I tried on today and is good cut and great quality for the highstreet. Plus it has addition of added sparkle which might make even fabulous shoulder girl want a piece of the action.

Friday 21 August 2009


Ah Trinny Woodall's been at it again, here she is groping Alexa Chung's breast on her US MTV show 'It's on'. The self-styled fashion gurus appeared on Alexa show in their bid to crack the lucrative American market according to the Daily Mail. I'm personally not bothered /offended/ suprised about the grope incident, I'm just excited to see three of my style idols in one room. I've been a closet Trinny & Suse fan since they groped their way through their first bbc series of 'What not wear' and rather embarassingly have a shelf of their accompanying books at home. They're my favourite celebrity Sloanes and if you read their books you will find that they do speak alot of sense & really understand how to dress a woman's body. Also, how hot does Alexa look in her breton top, denim cut offs & patent booties? All in all a fabulous meeting of fashion savvy minds.

Wednesday 19 August 2009


Just sat listening to 'Your Song' by Elton John on Heart Fm's late night love show & loving it. It's the showbiz luvvie in me coming out. On the subject of showbiz, I revisited my Saturday stageschool past this week and bought a pair of silver jazz shoes for £6 off Ebay. Just a stopgap until my student loan comes in and I can afford some nicer real leather brogues or jazz flats. American Apparel are selling unisex jazz shoes here http://store.americanapparel.co.uk/hartwick.html?cid=195#i so that you and your other half can co-ordinate your feet (not that I am in anyway endorsing this). My favourite colourway is the white; Sienna Miller wears her white jazz flats with acid wash jeans and pulls it off a treat.

Another pair of highstreet shoes I am currently in love with are these Alexa Chung inspired brogues from Clarks, 'Crepe Suzette'. I like the black patent colourway best, although the brown leather pair is also rad-tastic.

They are suprisingly flattering on, best worn with a miniskirt and opaque tights or bare legs if you are feeling brave. And at £44.99 they are a snip in comparison to the Russell and Bromley pairs Miss Chung favours.

Tuesday 18 August 2009


Anyone else had a look at Very.com as of yet? I've just had a quick look at the site, described as 'the Very network, made up of celebrities, experts and people like you, who all like sharing their advice and knowledge about things to buy.' Riiighht. Just what I've always wanted.

The site appears to be one huge confusing brand minefield where all the shop direct own brands plus the brands sold on their sites Littlewoodsdirect.com, Additions & Oli come together. Celebrities and designers endorsing the site include Fearne Cotton (pictured above in one of her own range dresses) Peaches Geldof, Jasmine Guinness, Terri Dwyer (an interior design expert now, apparently, after her 60 Minute Makeover success), Amy Molyneaux PPQ designer and Simon Webbe from Blue! Bizarre? Very (.com)

Friday 14 August 2009


The wonderful Dailymail.co.uk (my fav site for gossip) has uploaded an interview today with my favourite X Factor judge, Louis Walsh. He is claiming that fellow judges Danni Minogue and Cheryl Cole have turned the show into 'a fashion show' branded them a pair of 'peacocks' because they are constantly reworking their looks. Whilst I love a bit of fashion spotting (like train spotting but more fun), having witnessed Cheryl and Danni try and 'out fashion' one another in Rupert Sanderson, Alexander McQueen and Louis Vuitton creations, I happen to agree.

I guess I just can't comprehend why judging a reality tv show requires such glamourous attire. When Cheryl and Danni turn up for a new day of auditions wearing designer labels, when most of the audience (like me) can't afford them, whilst teetering in heels they can barely walk in that can't even be seen beneath the judging table, it strikes me as absurd. I want to see Cheryl and Danni looking gorgeous but 'real' in flats and a mix of high end and high street fashion. Something a bit more attainable, as Dianah Vickers demonstrated last X Factor wearing Temperly one week and Topshop the next. Plus their fash-offs seem to deflect attention from their judging skills which should be the real issue in scrutiny here. Congratulations on looking fabulous in Matthew Williamson and YSL girls, but what do you really know about music?

Tuesday 11 August 2009


I really love the designs of the talented Jonathan Saunders, I bought one of his Topshop diffusion range dresses last year for a bargain £40 in the sale, and it remains the best item of clohing I have ever purchased on the high street. The cut & design are cutting edge, he really gives Topshop customers vfm. My picture above is dodge & I was probably drunk but it's a gorgeous t-shirt dress with sheer bits in a graphic ice-cream shaped outline.

I've just browsed his new a/w collection on Netaporter.com and came across this incredible 'Luzon printed organza dress which I just had to blog (£1,095 if you're wondering).

This is the sort of fashion design that is more of a work of art that just a garment. The colours, the cut, the graphic print, the whole dress is incredible. I think Jonathan Saunders is the future of British design (he's Glaswegian), he is designing with the future in mind and he does British fashion proud.

Tuesday 4 August 2009


I've always been a total bag-a-holic, whenever I used to visit my granddad the first thing he would always ask me is 'have you bought any new handbags lately?' before he even said hello. And the answer was most probably yes. I love the way a bag is so easy to buy, one size fits all. They say you are either a bag or shoe fanatic and since my size 9 feet make shoe-shopping so depressing it's always bags for me.

I'm currently scouring the net & highstreet for a new investment bag that will look great come autumn/winter and then take me through to spring summer. Currently I am on a low budget, but when my student loan arrives I am planning to invest in something leather, that is both durable and stylish. Here a couple handbags I think are great buys for the upcoming season and beyond:

1. For a Marc Jacobs bag this tote is great value for money at just £245 from Netaporter.com. The grey reptile effect leather is so a/w09 as is the over the body strap. Will look great with all colours, navy, black, brown, brights, you name it.
2. I fell in love with this Twenty8twelve handbag last a/w when I was working for high street retailer Emma Somerset, that is sadly no more. The new buyer had just brought in Twenty8twelve clothing, the range designed by Sienna and designer sister Savannah, to attract a younger market. At £460 this patent leather box bag was totally out of my budget, however it's suddenly popped up on the asos outlet with an incredible 66% off, making it £155. Which is a real bargain for such an unusual yet classic handbag. I'm so tempted!


Just watched the trailer for the much anticipated film about the making of the September issue of US Vogue.
Watch it here for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tq4wo4JYy2s
The September issue is the most important issue of the year in fashion editorial as it introduces the new season to the reader.
The film itself looks amazing, giving us a closer look into the world of Vogue than ever before. Is Anna Wintour really like Amanda Priestly from the Devil Wears Prada? I really hope that after I watch the film I come away respecting her for her tough business acumen rather than abhorring her like I did Amanda Priestly . Can't wait to see it.

Thursday 30 July 2009


Have I mentioned I'm not going on a hot holiday this year?! Depressing, especially when it does nothing but rain in the UK at the moment. But here's a lovely highstreet one-piece to cheer us all up. It's a bargain at just £22 from the Giles at New Look range. One pieces make a much chicer fashion statement than a bikini. But this has a bikini style back which flashes a bit of flesh to lower the frump-fractor. I browsed it in my local New Look and the material is a little shimmery in real life, my only grumble because it would look nicer matt. But it's still a really high-end looking high street one-piece.

Wednesday 29 July 2009


Top of my autumn/winter 09 wishlist is a pair of gorgeous thigh-high boots which I am currently hunting the highstreet for. The shoe head office I was on placement at stocked their a/w collection full of thigh highs in all styles, from mega platform heels to more practical 'wader' style boots. I'm more of a flats gal myself, so I plan to be rocking mini dresses with flat booties. But these amazing Stella McCartney boots would be able to tempt me to wear heels, which are left in just size 37 on Netaporter.com. This a/w when it comes to your boots remember 'thighs the limit'! (excuse the terrible pun!)

Stella boots, £575 netaporter.com.


My must-have of the day is this a-mazing jumpsuit, just added to asos.com. Jumpsuits will continue to be a big trend next season and this jumpsuits has inbuilt shoulderpads that give that broad shouldered silouette that in also major upcoming trend. It costs £45 and won't hang around for long when you look how quickly asos sells out of key pieces. Get it before it's too late!

Tuesday 28 July 2009


My mind changes on Lily Allen day to day. Some days I love her outspoken attitude and others I find her views contraversial with nothing to back them up. Today, I am an in a pro LA mood, just having watched a few clips of her of Grazia Daily shooting her new jewellery campaign, looking natural and normal unlike alot of celebs on fashion shoots. It will be interesting to see how well this range sells, her last step into the world of fashion when she designed her range for New Look was met with mixed reviews. Her new jewellery range promises to be filled with happy hardcore smiley faces, pandas and flamingoes. Here's a sneaky preview of the collection:

Monday 27 July 2009


If you are jetting off on your summer holidays soon and have a bit of cash set aside for your vacation wardrobe, this gorgeous T-bags dress is the perfect investment.

It's a bargain considering it has been knocked down from £117 to £46.80, making it Topshop price, just much better quality. It's also a great 'beach to bar' dress, sling over your swimsuit and grab a beach bag for day and then glam up with jewelled sandals and an armful of tribal style bangles for an on-trend evening look.
Wish I had a holiday booked now!

Sunday 26 July 2009


Whatever you think of Victoria Beckham, you have to applaud her wilingness to try out a different look a day. Today the Daily Mail have published these pictures of her off out to dinner with Marc Jacobs, wearing a futuristic dress and an out-there up do to match. I'm not exactly sure where the dress is from, looks like Balenciaga to me and I think the boots are Louboutin. Apart from the orange tan, I think she looks fab, she's taken a statement dress and kept the look simple with minimal accessories.

EDIT: Just saw the said dress in Selfridges, and it is infact a VB own design.


It's festival time, and as all the fashion blogs seem to be doing their own 'what to wear' posts I thought I'd share some of my (limited) wisdom too.

My festival look for Leeds fest 07 comprised of a customised 'Frankie says relax' tee and a pair of £4 faux Raybans. It prompted a friend to comment on a picture of him & me post fest saying we looked like a washed up 80s pop duo. Ha!

But faux pas's aside, festivals are a tricky one to pack for, they require practical clothing for all weathers, fun outfits to get you noticed in a crowd and thick socks for those freezing nights! Here are my top festival buys to see you through the season:

1. You live in the UK, of course it's going to rain. We all have these romantic notions of sipping cider in the sunshine, but this is far from the reality unless you get lucky. Pack a mac or live to regret it. A printed mac like this one, £25 from Awear, will brighten the mood when the weather is drab. Also handy for smuggling booze into the arena, just shove up your pac a mac and no-one will have a clue.

2. Anyone who has camped before knows that at night time it is soooo cold. Prepare to freeze. Booze will help numb the cold but I would also recommend a massive hoodie, long knee high wool socks (attractive) and some tracksuit bottoms or something warm to snuggle up in. On the nights when you aren't drunk you will be glad of these!

3. For the days when you feel like dressing up, pick some fun, outlandish accessorize to adapt your look. I love this asos velvet flower headband, £4, great for drawing attention away from a bad hair day in style.

4. Take wellies with you! I have a pair of the standard countryfolk green wellies which do the job nicely. I'm not really keen on novelty wellies unless you can get your hands on a pair of the reptile effect Jimmy Choo for Hunter wellies which are just gorgeous.
5. Finally I can't say it will make toilet trips easy, but the playsuit is the major trend of the season and will work well with wellies, leather/denim jackets or a pack a mac for daywear. I love this ditzy floral number from Asos because it's a total bargain, down to £14 in the sale and because it's colourful print will hide the general festival filth your clothes will no doubt accumulate. I final tip- pack suncream! I may sound like your mother but I got a burnt back at Leeds fest and it wasn't pretty!
Happy festivaling! :) x

Friday 24 July 2009


Just been looking at the A/W09 lookbooks on www.catwalkqueen.tv (my favourite fashion blog), go and have a look to see a preview of River Island, M&S and Primark's new season collections for yourself.

A/w looks set to be all about layered knitwear, exaggerated shoulders, sequins as daywear and graphic futuristic prints.
Maybe it's because I'm a natural cheapskate, but my favourite pieces came from the Primark lookbook. I can't wait to get my hands on this sequin parka, above, priced at just £30. It's one of those Primark pieces that keeps me awake at night until it finally arrives in my local branch.

Also love this futuristic dress below. It's a really 'out there' buy, but when it's just £15 it encourages the mainstream to embrace bolder pieces which I think is great.


How adorable is the Stella M. A/W09 ad campaign?
She's an infamous animal lover, refusing to feature fur or leather in her collections, and her most recent campaign saw her encouraging the nation to become a vegetarian for one day a week. I get the feeling Stella is being a little tongue and cheek and poking fun at her animal-loving image in this ad campaign, nice to see fashion can have a sense of humour too.

Wednesday 25 March 2009


This yummi boutique dress from http://www.asos.com/ appeals to me not because of the print, or bold colours, but because of the cute little matchbelt that references 1980's fashion very nicely. Why don't designers belt printed dresses with matching fabric belt anymore? I have memories of my mum owning a whole host of pretty Laura Ashley dresses with matching belts in ditzy floral fabrics. Now just a few stray florally belts are left floating around her wardrobe to remind her of the dresses that have now perished. For some reason the matchbelt always outlives the dress, or in my Mum's case the matching lilac jumpsuit with matching lilac belt. There's something neat and polished about a matching belt in same fabric as the rest of one's outfit, if only there were more examples like this Yummi boutique number on the highstreet.