Monday 29 August 2016


Remember when I used to blog about London + my favourite places to frequent in the city underneath the umbrella of LFF's London? It has been some time (apparently I haven't compiled such a blog post since 2014!) and for no good reason given I barely spend 10 minutes in the house these days thanks to my ever-proliferating sense of FOMO. So the news is; LFF's London is back and I'm kick-starting the resurrection with my new favourite place to do brunch, dinner AND cocktails [just not in one sitting] in London Bridge: Village East

Monday 22 August 2016


I need to begin this outfit post with a disclaimer - in these photos you will observe my BRF (bitchy resting face) in its full disgruntled glory. Now that I've decided to be a bit more personal in my blog posts, it makes it easier to disclose why. Natasha and I shot these photos in Peckham Rye, South East London. Prior to this I had had some dating app related drama in said location inside Frank's Cafe (South London's best bar IMO, situated on the top of multi-story car park with breath-taking panoramic views of the city). 

Come shoot day, I thought I had calmed down enough to return to the scene of the crime - however, my face tells a very different story. As Natasha commented upon returning the shoot edit to me 'You do look pretty angry in most of the pictures'. So I can only apologise - don't be scared. I'm a nice person really. And I have a fierce bag and an amazing new tailored jacket to share with you to counteract all that BRF: 

Tuesday 16 August 2016


You might have noticed I don’t share details about my personal life on this blog. That’s not to say I haven’t considered it – I’ve written many a cathartic, confessional post in the past only to assign it to my Macbook’s Trash at the point of publishing. It’s laying yourself bare to an unknown audience and that’s pretty scary. 

I’ve been thinking about this lately because - as clich├ęd as it sounds - 2016 has been a voyage of self-discovery and I believe writing will aid the assimilation of a few thoughts. I’m also hugely aware how important it is to let the reader in from time to time; so in amongst my outfits shoots and musings upon shoes you can expect to see the odd personal post from now on. 

I’ll keep the context short and sweet; smack-bang in the middle of dry January I found myself single following a long-term relationship (it’s actually one of my proudest achievements that I got through that break-up month without a single sip of liquor – we’re all familiar with the healing powers of a G&T when the going gets tough). 

Hence 2016 has been about re-acquainting myself with the world of dating - which, let’s face it, mainly revolves around apps these days - and having only toyed with Tinder briefly there’s lots to learn. So to kick things off, I thought I’d share 5 observations I’ve made since becoming a singleton in 2016: