Thursday, 30 June 2016


Whilst I’m not frugal (or remotely good with money for that matter…) I definitely shop with CPW in mind. CPW - to the uninitiated - is w*nky fashion editor speak for ‘cost per wear’ aka. the cost of a garment vs how many times it sees the light of day. I live in a bedsit (in case you are labouring under the misapprehension that my life is glamourous…), with zero space for surplus clothing - hence why my local charity shop, friends, housemates and sister receive regular sartorial handouts. So the concept of buying a dress designated for the races or a wedding, only to be resigned to the back of my closet post-event is alien to me. That’s not to say I don’t have a handful of smartish dresses – I just choose styles that offer mileage past the main event. With this mantra in mind, here’s nine lovely dresses that will look equally at home (with the addition of a smart jacket and closed toe shoe) in the office as they do in the church pews. CPW FTW!

Friday, 17 June 2016


It might come as a surprise to learn that one of the most avid readers of this blog is my dad. I’m incredibly lucky to have supportive parents who have helped me realise some of my ambitions, encouraging me to study Fashion PR and lending a hand with my street style photos when I started out as a blogger (boyfriend-less blogger problems…). My Dad is so sweetly proud of my achievements, he has even half-jokingly christened himself ‘FOLFF’; explaining this stands for father of La Fashion Folie (!)

When HMV recently got in contact to ask me to put together a post for father’s day, I thought it would be a lovely opportunity to talk about FOLFF on here. We share a similar taste in music – so in collaboration with my favourite record store, continue reading after the jump for father’s day playlist:

Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Lazy dressers (aka me!) rejoice – the athlesiure trend (that’s fashion editor speak for sportswear) isn’t going anywhere. If you’re a sneaker novice, you can’t go wrong with Converse or a box-fresh pair of Stan Smith’s –  true wardrobe staples. If you’re seeking something fashion-forward, I’ve rounded up four key trainer trends for the season; flatform soles, white pumps with-a-twist, sneaks with a sporty aesthetic and super-luxurious embellished styles (Miu Miu’s crystal embellished pair will set you back a cool £1,025). There’s a trainer for every occasion - just don’t wear them to gym (!) 

Monday, 6 June 2016


Behind the smoke and mirrors of blogging; when photographer Natasha and I shot this post the weather was overcast and less than summer-like and we were in a hurry to catch the last glimpses of day light after a long Tuesday in the office.  It all goes to show what a great camera lens and a touch of post- editing can do, it's refreshing to be honest sometimes and share the truth behind the mechanics of blogging! 


Sunday, 29 May 2016


With a jolly booked to Barcelona next week, my summer wardrobe is in need of an update. Unfortunately EasyJet has pretty much cleaned out my bank account (I don't want to talk about it, I'm useless at booking flights and left it far too late...), so I'm on a serious shoestring. As I'm sure I'm not the only moron with a ineptitude for budgeting, I thought I'd put together a thrifty holiday wardrobe edit. Even if you do have cash to flash, I wouldn't recommend blowing the budget on your s/s looks. Why? Well it goes without saying that the British weather presents little opportunity to wear anything vaguely suited the tropics (hello stratospheric cost per wear!) Summer's key fabrics - cotton, linen, chambray are also cheap to produce and easily found on the high street. The moral of this story; your summer clothes really don't have to break the bank, even if your EasyJet flights do .... 

PS. I've embraced technology - everything in the post below is 'clickable'. Just click on the plus sign to be linked directly to the page to purchase, simple!  

Budget Summer Capsule Wardrobe


Saturday, 7 May 2016


I don’t wear wide leg trousers - in fact, they scare me. There’s something about all that surplus fabric swishing around the ankles that feels like a death trap (they’re just asking to be chewed up by the tube escalator, surely?) However, after years of the wide-leg fear, something funny has happened. I’ve seen the light and my eye has been turned by a slouchier silhouette.

I blame ME & EM – if you’re unfamiliar with the brand, ME & EM are a cool womenswear label with a focus on modern, simple dressing. Their catalogue is beautifully styled – think wide leg pants paired with box-fresh Stan Smiths for a look that’s as effortless and cool as they come. 

In what can only be described as fashion fate, a few weeks ago, following a press sample clear-out at work (perks of the job) I found myself in possession of a lonely pair of white wide-leg trousers (yup, as impractical as they come) in need of a home. So it only seemed right to style then up on here and see how the whole look worked out…
UK Fashion Blogger | White Wide Leg Trousers | Street Style

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


You have probably realised by now that I don't really 'do' fast fashion. Of course sometimes I'm tempted - this season I've been hankering after a Miu-Miu-esque ruffled blouse (M&S did an excellent interpretation) - but I am doing everything in my power not to buy one, as it definitely feels like a passing trend. Then there's the Topshop block-heeled court shoes that just about every blogger owns right now - resistance is [almost] futile. That's not to say I'm not buying more clothes than ever of course - I'm just carefully considering each purchase and trying to buy styles with longevity. For spring, I'm updating my wardrobe with classic staples (see the Esprit blue shirt, Boden breton top and A.P.C wear-forever trench below) and dressing them up with fun and playful accessories (ticking this box - Tessa Packard's mother of pearl Thundercloud earrings, J.Crew's leopard cross body and Stella Sport's glitter encrusted trainers). It's a formula I'm trying to apply to my everyday outfits with varying degrees of success (I definitely need more crazy shoes in my life) Here's the pieces on my wishlist right now: