Monday, 22 October 2018


Suffering from dry, tight, seasonal skin already? I know the feeling! Until the age of 29 I had easy, low-maintenance skin that needed little to no effort. Then last winter the ageing process hit (sad face), and I woke to find my skin had become really dry overnight. As anyone with dry skin will tell you, moisturiser alone is ineffective in tackling the problem. In fact, it took a complete skincare overhaul to return my skin to normal. If you have dry, tight, flaky skin, here’s the products I used and tweaks I made to solve the winter skin woes:

Tuesday, 21 August 2018


A few weeks ago I fulfilled a long-standing London ambition and paid a visit to The Barbican Conservatory. If you've ever visited Barbican Estate you'll know it's an other worldly kind of place, a brutalist masterpiece that divides like marmite. Some find the ambience oppressive, but I personally love the architecture and would give my right arm to live in the postcode. The Conservatory is hard to access because it's open on select Sunday afternoons only, when I can frequently be found nursing a hangover. It's so worth the effort of a trip however, a tropical hot house of flora and fauna intertwined around imposing brutalist concrete work. The contrast between the botanical and the mad-made is extraordinarily beautiful AND there's real life terrapins in there too. 

The tropical 'Cuba Print' dress that I'm wearing is a long-term sartorial crush for me. It's from a brand called Rixo London that I first came across in Paris when I was working in the same showroom as the Rixo founders during fashion week. The trip to Paris was ill-fated (I ate some dodgy salmon tartare, contracted food poisoning and projectile vomited allover my hotel suite) so I promised myself that after such a crappy experience I'd treat myself to a Rixo dress one day. Two years down the line and I picked this one up for less than half price from Depop, it was still eye-watering expensive, but worth every penny. The cut is so beautiful and so flattering, I think every girl needs a little wrap dress in their wardrobe. This exact Rixo dress isn't available any more but there's lots similar on their site. 

Rixo London Mini Wrap Dress | London Fashion Blogger | Barbican Conservatory


Sunday, 29 July 2018


What to wear to the office in a heatwave? Getting dressed for work this past month has been a confusing business. How to look smart whilst negating dying a slow painful & overheated death on the Northern Line on route? Step forward linen, a fabric that is the answer to summer sartorial problems.
Linen jumpsuit 1


Monday, 23 July 2018


If you’ve been watching Netflix hit series The Crown, chances are you will have developed a low-key obsession with The Queen. Claire Foy’s pitch-perfect portrayal captures a composed and considered feminist icon, commanding respect against the odds as young women in a patriarchal world. 

Leading with grace, dignity and duty, Queen Elizabeth II is Britain’s longest serving monarch, having become the first British monarch to Sapphire Jubilee in February last year – marking 65 years on the throne. 

As well as being an outstanding leader, Queen Elizabeth has also been celebrated for her impeccable fashion sense, which has remained ever present throughout her reign. If you’re left wondering just how she does it, Fulton Umbrellas, designers of bespoke windproof umbrellas are here to lift the lid on the Queen’s fashion secrets, giving you a glimpse into how she stays styled and polished to perfection.  

Wednesday, 4 July 2018


With the rise of botox and fillers, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a surgeon-on-speed-dial is the only answer to preventing the ageing process. And that’s true in some respects; I’m not going to suggest it’s entirely possible to roll back the years and iron out wrinkles with good diet and good skincare habits. But there’s a lot to be said for maintaining good health from the inside out to promote a youthful appearance. Case in point - I think my skin looks at its best and most youthful when I’ve left the gym post-workout, there’s nothing that says ‘youth’ like health. 

Last month I visited the treatment rooms of Anu Jarvinen on Marylebone High Street (inside the Neal’s Yard Remedies store which has a really dreamy herbal scent), for a facial with an anti-aging focus. Anu Jarvinen’s approach to skincare is entirely natural, using essential oils, vegetable oils, clays, plant extracts and flower waters instead of chemical-based beauty products. Whilst I enjoyed an incredible facial (honestly, my skin has never looked better than post-facial, see selfie evidence here) Anu shared her top five easy-to-adopt tips to combat ageing naturally: 



Sunday, 17 June 2018


I'm a big fan of a personalised present. Namely because I like stuff with my name on it, and come to think of it, I'm yet to meet someone who doesn't love a Craig David-esque name check? It's also great from a gifting perspective because the world of personalisation is also a vast one. You may have a personalised card holder, but did you know you can personalise a watch face, or a champagne glass, or a hip flask? For a one-stop-shop for personalised presents, I've recently discovered Personally Presented, a UK website offering just about gift with a personalised touch. At Personally Presented monogramming is just the beginning when it comes to personalisation, the website also offer the option of adding thoughtful messages to many items from leather bags to travel wallets and hip flasks. I'm particularly into the personalised timepieces with customised watch faces, that happen to be really stylish too (sadly my birthday has been and gone, else I'd be dropping some hints). For some present-buying inspo, here's an edit of my favourite Personalised Gifts from Personally Presented


*This is a collaborative post with Personally Presented

Sunday, 10 June 2018


Hey hey, here's a long overdue outfit post featuring the perfect black blazer.

Blazers are such an important part of my wardrobe, I have a unofficial work wear wardrobe and it's basically blazers worn with t-shirts, jeans, trainers and the occasional pair of court shoes when I'm feeling less lazy (it can't be overstated how lazy I am when getting dressed). What I love about a blazer is that it makes me feel instantaneously work-ready and pulled together, even when my brain might not be on the same page (it usually gets going sometime around midday on a Tuesday). 
Baukjen Ashcroft Blazer | UK Fashion blogger | How to style a black blazer
Outfit credits: Blazer: Baukjen (gifted) | Denim skirt: vintage (similar) | Earrings: Next (not online but I got mine recently in store for £6!) | Bag: Gucci | T-shirt : Gap | Mules: Next