Thursday 7 October 2010


I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed when Samantha Cameron announced she pregnant earlier this year during the General Election Campaign. And before you ask, it’s not because I fancied Nick Clegg (although I did and still do) and couldn’t stand the positive PR her pregnancy gifted the Tory’s campaign. No, it’s actually because I am massive Sam Cam fan, and what’s more I adore her fashion sense; however, without causing massive offence to pregnant ladies, baby bumps and high fashion rarely go hand in hand. And just as I feared, Sam Cam's burgeoning baby bump confined her to the safety of empire line dresses for the rest of the campaign, which may be tasteful and demure, but are also downright boring.
Anyway the good news is, beautiful baby Florence has joined the world and Samantha is well and truly back on her sartorial game. She has pulled some great outfits out the bag at the Tory Party conference in Birmingham this week, most notably this lovely Paul Smith dress from his A/W 2010 collection with pink water rose print detailing. Whilst Samantha tends to wear more accessible fashion from top end high street brands like such as Reiss, Zara and LK Bennett, it's still great to see Britain's leading lady wearing a great British designer.

Tuesday 5 October 2010


Chanel's highly anticipated S/S/11 show took place in Paris today, and whilst the show itself was another monochrome masterpiece that only the legendary Karl Lagerfield could concieve, off the catwalk celebrity guests Lily Allen and Keira Knightly made the style statements that grabbed the headlines.

Both Allen and Knightly are celebs who, in the past, have been criticised by the fashion media for their less-than-conventional approaches to fashion. Whilst both girls never fail to look fabulous at red carpet events, away from media glare Lily is berated for her 'chav chic' styling, whilst Keira's casual, laid-back approach to fashion has been branded sloppy.
However, both girls were polished to perfection at the Chanel show today, Lily demonstrating exactly how to do maternity chic in structural chanel boucle wool jacket and shift, whilst Keira channeled the Bright Young Things in a drop-waisted twenties inspired dress that complemented her sleek bob perfectly.

Parisian style may be considered to be the epitome of good taste, but Allen and Knightley prove us Brit girls certainly know how to rock the look.

Sunday 3 October 2010


First of all I'd like to begin this blog by apologising for neglecting Lafashionfolie blogspot- unfortunately after a long day in the office my brain tends to disintegrate to mush, and I've been avoiding blogging for fear of publishing pieces that are both nonsensical and incoherant.

Anyway, I wanted to share my new found appreciation with you for a colour I have long neglected and suddenly now desire more than any other primary or secondary shade.. I just can't get enough of khaki green.

Perhaps I'm slightly biased as it's also my surname, but green is a colour I am really inspired by at the moment, and in shades of military-inspired khaki, it has an urban, youthful feel that is so very appropriate for now. Plus khaki also carries the added bonus of being versatile and practical as it can be pared with most colours and works with both pale and dark skin tones.

I've just bought the above khaki hooded trench from Mango available from here (although to give you a cheeky heads up, it's reduced to £44 in store....) Go green, trust me you'll never look back! (and I should know!)