Sunday 3 October 2010


First of all I'd like to begin this blog by apologising for neglecting Lafashionfolie blogspot- unfortunately after a long day in the office my brain tends to disintegrate to mush, and I've been avoiding blogging for fear of publishing pieces that are both nonsensical and incoherant.

Anyway, I wanted to share my new found appreciation with you for a colour I have long neglected and suddenly now desire more than any other primary or secondary shade.. I just can't get enough of khaki green.

Perhaps I'm slightly biased as it's also my surname, but green is a colour I am really inspired by at the moment, and in shades of military-inspired khaki, it has an urban, youthful feel that is so very appropriate for now. Plus khaki also carries the added bonus of being versatile and practical as it can be pared with most colours and works with both pale and dark skin tones.

I've just bought the above khaki hooded trench from Mango available from here (although to give you a cheeky heads up, it's reduced to £44 in store....) Go green, trust me you'll never look back! (and I should know!)


  1. I've ALWAYS loved Green (you and the colour!)

    Saying that I've never worn khaki.
    Saying THAT my tastes have developed and winter is coming. It does appeal to me now you've mentioned it. oooh I know what I fancy, a khaki coloured denim skirt, do they exists? Please say that exist!

  2. Topshop have some amazing bottle green jeans, could you stretch to jeans?? Although I do love you in denim skirt :) X