Monday 14 August 2017


Once in a while you discover a brand that’s 100 percent ‘you’ – and that’s how I feel about Baukjen

I find it such an effort to follow fashion, letting most trends pass me by. Interested in clothes and style above fashion, put simply, I find 
the process of changing my wardrobe from season to season a real pain the ass (not to mention super-wasteful). Which is why the Baukjen aesthetic speaks volumes to me.

Beautiful, timeless investment pieces are Baukjen's speciality - a classic trench coat, real leather leggings, a good quality stripe t-shirt,  a good cotton shirt (add in some blue denim and that's basically my entire wardrobe.) 

On a side note, I also love the models Baukjen cast – woman that showcase an aspirational yet attainable type of beauty, not too young, not too thin, not too groomed (but super-gorgeous, all the same). 

Of course when you're buying quality clothing, price points are slightly higher than the high street. Which is why now is a great time to shop Baukjen as the end of season sale is currently underway - some of the final reductions are real bargains! This is a great time to buy the investment pieces you can wear for seasons to come. For some inspiration, I've put together a little edit below of my favourite buys: 



Thursday 3 August 2017


Just a few words today - sometimes clothes do the talking for you and I think this is definitely the case with this Hobbs trench coat. I stopped by the Hobbs autumn/winter press day in April and I'm rather excited by what the brand has in store for next season. The cocktail dresses and events-dressing pieces were particularly lovely as were these jewel green velvety flat shoes.

This amazing piece is The Madison Trench. Somewhere between a trench coat and duster jacket, the soft tencel fabric is very light and fluid, making it spot-on for summer. Of course the main event of this style is the intricately smocked back, which is crazy beautiful. I think it has a real Burberry feel, with a much lower price tag. I've styled it here with jeans (forever dressing with comfort in mind) but it’s also a good event dressing piece – you could throw it on over your dress at the races or a wedding and still feel dressed-up (there's nothing worse that hiding a fab outfit with an old coat, right?). Just one word of warning, this coat is long, so if you're petite it might swamp you (I'm a big-ish bird - 5'10). It's also in sale right now, so if you needed an excuse... 
Hobbs blog one