Tuesday 22 December 2009


Blimey! It's nearly time up for the noughties and what a decade it's been. Looking over Grazia's review of the decade today you have to wonder what 00's will be remembered for- what with reality tv & low brow celebs creating some of the defining moments since the turn of the new century culture certainly seems to have dumbed down somewhat.

Ranting a raving aside, new year for me = new year's resolution's but none of the atypical kind mind. No, I'm talking fashion resolutions, much more fun & much less serious than vowing to graduate. I like to look at my wardrobe and decide what sartorial changes will make 2010 fashion-tastic. Here are my resolutions thus far...

1.Be more daring (& flash a bit of flesh)

I am 21 and feel ok about my figure, yet I rarely flass any flesh. Because I have quite long legs I am concious getting them out can give the green light to perves. But my solution is that I am considering flashing a little bit of tum instead, a more subversive way to reveal skin and less appealing to tit/ arse perves. A perfect new season buy for me would be this ASOS oversize jumper (£35) with mesh insert that makes reference to the glamour/ grunge trend.

2. Wear heels on the odd occasion

I shy away from heels because they make me feel really tall, but I am trying to embrace them and celebrate my 5'10 stature. Just bought this real nice Peacocks skater boots (£30) that would look quite fit with the jumper above I think.

3. Stop buying stuff I don't wear!!!
Pretty damn impossible.

Sunday 6 December 2009


It's amazing how appealing blogging suddenly becomes when I have a 3,500 word report wanting to be written. Anything to avoid work!!

Went to Topshop today, I usually boycot it cos everything is too expensive for what it is and falls apart after one wash but I wanted a bandage skirt & no where else seems to sell them at the moment. Anyway rambling aside, I came across the cutest t-shirt in the world, this lovely number with little eiffel towers dotted allover it. And what's more, they're not printed but embroidered giving it a tres chic homespun feel. I was very good and resisted (£22!! not on my budget), but it got me thinking about the allure of Paris and French style in fashion. For me, there's no bigger complement than being told I 'look french', although it's hard to say what that really entails when I you think about it. I guess I think french style is all about being demure, where less =more and flesh is not overtly flashed. The overall effect is understated and yet all the more sexy for it. I hope that's what people imply when they tell me I look french, although they might just be saying I am one string of garlic & a baguette away from looking like a cliche. Hope not.

Saturday 5 December 2009


If you haven't already spotted her face plastered all over your local branch, Kimberley Walsh has been picked this season as the face of New Look. Apparently shoppers did a poll on the website asking who they'd most like to see as the face of the brand, and the lovely Ms Walsh came top. Unlike last season's face, Alexa Chung, she's less fashion forward and much more accessible for the average New Look shopper. She has womanly curves & dresses well to flatter her figure. Whilst I wouldn't say she excites me fashion-wise personally (although she is mega fit) it's a great example of a high street retailer sending out a positive message about bodyshape to young women (unlike the waifs that pout in the Topshop billboard ads). Well done New Look.

Wednesday 2 December 2009


John and Edward Grimes as you've never seen them before.. i.e not in a shiny suit.
But it all seriousness Grazia has done a stella job making them over for this week's issue. Whilst I wouldn't say they look sexy they definitely look sharp, does a modelling career beckon for the boys who can put their hand/ blag their way into anything??