Tuesday 22 December 2009


Blimey! It's nearly time up for the noughties and what a decade it's been. Looking over Grazia's review of the decade today you have to wonder what 00's will be remembered for- what with reality tv & low brow celebs creating some of the defining moments since the turn of the new century culture certainly seems to have dumbed down somewhat.

Ranting a raving aside, new year for me = new year's resolution's but none of the atypical kind mind. No, I'm talking fashion resolutions, much more fun & much less serious than vowing to graduate. I like to look at my wardrobe and decide what sartorial changes will make 2010 fashion-tastic. Here are my resolutions thus far...

1.Be more daring (& flash a bit of flesh)

I am 21 and feel ok about my figure, yet I rarely flass any flesh. Because I have quite long legs I am concious getting them out can give the green light to perves. But my solution is that I am considering flashing a little bit of tum instead, a more subversive way to reveal skin and less appealing to tit/ arse perves. A perfect new season buy for me would be this ASOS oversize jumper (£35) with mesh insert that makes reference to the glamour/ grunge trend.

2. Wear heels on the odd occasion

I shy away from heels because they make me feel really tall, but I am trying to embrace them and celebrate my 5'10 stature. Just bought this real nice Peacocks skater boots (£30) that would look quite fit with the jumper above I think.

3. Stop buying stuff I don't wear!!!
Pretty damn impossible.

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