Sunday 6 December 2009


It's amazing how appealing blogging suddenly becomes when I have a 3,500 word report wanting to be written. Anything to avoid work!!

Went to Topshop today, I usually boycot it cos everything is too expensive for what it is and falls apart after one wash but I wanted a bandage skirt & no where else seems to sell them at the moment. Anyway rambling aside, I came across the cutest t-shirt in the world, this lovely number with little eiffel towers dotted allover it. And what's more, they're not printed but embroidered giving it a tres chic homespun feel. I was very good and resisted (£22!! not on my budget), but it got me thinking about the allure of Paris and French style in fashion. For me, there's no bigger complement than being told I 'look french', although it's hard to say what that really entails when I you think about it. I guess I think french style is all about being demure, where less =more and flesh is not overtly flashed. The overall effect is understated and yet all the more sexy for it. I hope that's what people imply when they tell me I look french, although they might just be saying I am one string of garlic & a baguette away from looking like a cliche. Hope not.

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