Tuesday 18 August 2009


Anyone else had a look at Very.com as of yet? I've just had a quick look at the site, described as 'the Very network, made up of celebrities, experts and people like you, who all like sharing their advice and knowledge about things to buy.' Riiighht. Just what I've always wanted.

The site appears to be one huge confusing brand minefield where all the shop direct own brands plus the brands sold on their sites Littlewoodsdirect.com, Additions & Oli come together. Celebrities and designers endorsing the site include Fearne Cotton (pictured above in one of her own range dresses) Peaches Geldof, Jasmine Guinness, Terri Dwyer (an interior design expert now, apparently, after her 60 Minute Makeover success), Amy Molyneaux PPQ designer and Simon Webbe from Blue! Bizarre? Very (.com)

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