Tuesday 25 August 2009


Last week I suffered from my first ever case of what I have decided to call 'shoulder envy'. By this I am describing the overwhelming sense of jealously felt when one spots a fashionista with a bigger, pointier & generally more fabulous shoulder padded garment than the one on your own back.This fashion fever will no doubt be a problem for many fashionistas this a/w and can strike when you least expect it. In my case I was just strolling casually round the new branch of Zara in Leicester Highcross when a girl waltzed past me in an amazing shrunken blazer with the most exaggerated shoulders I have seen outside of a Balmain catwalk! Worst of all she had accessorized it with a genuine Chanel 2.55 handbag just to make me extra jealous. Grrrr!!!

Good news is I have found a fabulous version of her jacket in River Island, which I tried on today and is good cut and great quality for the highstreet. Plus it has addition of added sparkle which might make even fabulous shoulder girl want a piece of the action.

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