Monday 21 September 2009


I've not posted in a while, because I've had no net access but I am pleased to say I am back blogging again. Much has happened in fashion in the past few weeks, mainly because New York fashion week has just finished and London fashion week is well underway. London fashion week promises to be a-mazing with shows from my favourites including Christopher, Jonathan Saunders, Amanda Wakeley, Nathan Jenden, the show list just makes me drool.

9.30am on Saturday the 19th saw knitwear designer Mark Fast's show take place. And whilst his sexy, body-concious knitted pieces have the fashion journos gushing, it was his decision to include size 12 and size 14 models in the show that caused the real stir.
The size 14 model is here on the left, whilst on the right and below are two classic catwalk size 6-8 models. The plus (!) size model looks a-mazing in my opinion, she looks like a pre-raphelite muse of Gabriel Rosetti and her curves breathe life into the body-concious pieces. Shame then that the stylist working on the show the Mail reported today stepped down after fast insisted on having larger models included in the show. It's an interesting back lash to the size zero debate.


  1. size 14 models. yay I still might get discovered!

  2. I well agree, how can you expect to show off bodycon pieces on models with no body? Moitty xx