Friday 2 April 2010


This is a very exciting picture blog dedicated to Rache Bew, because as she rightly pointed out my blog is becoming far too wordy and as a result lacking in picture posts these days. So, I am sharing my exciting bargain dress purchase with you all that is for the first ever wedding I have been invited to; that of my lovely school friend Lydia. It's next Sunday, so I'm rushing a bit to get my outfit together.

Anyway, thankfully yesterday I purchased this b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l shift dress from Florence and Fred at Tescos. It's priced on the website at 14 pounds, although it only came up as 9 at the self checkout, simple pleasures hey. The picture is of a sample I reckon, because my version differs alittle, it has a beige waistband that highlights my waist nicely and the central panel is beige as opposed to white.

I know It is slightly cringey that A) I am wearing a 9 pound supermarket dress to wedding and that B) it has been featured on all the Tescos S/S adverts so there's no hiding the fact; (as noticed by my friend Henri tonight) but that's ok because as a student I am used to wearing cheap tat, I jest.

Accessories-wise I have the perfect black and beige heels to adorn my feet and I am also hunting down beige lace gloves and a lace fascinator for a touch of 50s chic. I will post my completed outfit pre wedding next Sunday. Exciting !!

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