Sunday 1 August 2010


No longer just a summer staple, the maxidress looks set to continue as a major trend for A/W 2010. And the 'winter maxi' is a look that I can't wait to try out, mainly because I hate being cold in winter and plan to slip on thermal tights underneath- who cares when you can't see them?! For a more glam take on the trend, ASOS have styled the look with suede platform ankle booties and Autumn's must-have: an aviator jacket. Buy the complete look here.


  1. Hey! It was really great to see your comment! I NEVER get comments so I was really excited! I looked you up on Independent Fashion Bloggers but couldn't find you. What's your user name? I've been snooping around your blog and you've certainly caught my interest. I especially like your most recent outfit post! TTYL, Delaney

  2. Thanks for visiting The Well-Appointed Catwalk! Your blog is beautiful, and I'm seriously impressed by Seamless! I'm following you now too. :)

  3. thank you for the comment hun! :) im actually from leicester too! dont know any other bloggers from leicester, so its good to stumble across ur page, do u you de monfort? xx
    great post btw, i cant imagine wearing maxi's during winter!

    xx Winnie

  4. I think this new trend - summery maxi dress, winter boots, shearling - is just amazing, love it a lot, so feminine and a bit rough!

  5. I love maxi dresses. But I am to short to wear a few so at times I have to alter it. Great blog.


  6. I love the look you've found, the hemline length this autumn/winter is definitely long, I really like the big shearling aviator jackets that seemed to be all over this season too.

    @ Jackie if you find a maxi dress you love I'd definitely recommend you get it altered rather than pass it up. A lot of clothes off the peg are bit ill fitting regardless of what size you are.