Tuesday 7 September 2010


This A/W I am dreaming of purchasing a cape; there is nothing more appealing to me than clothing myself in a garment that is one step away from donning a giant blanket.
Alas, capes aren't the most practical of outerwear, they prevent the wearer from casually slinging a bag over the shoulder, deny excessive arm movement and swamp petite torsos. But nothing exudes solstice chic better than a cape; pared with cosy knee high boots there is no garment quite so apt to don when kicking up crunchy autumn leaves.
My favourite cape the high street is currently touting is this super-cute cuddly number complete with on-trend toggle fastenings, priced at £80 from ASOS.COM.
Contrast trim cape,£80 available from ASOS.COM here.


  1. That IS appealing.
    I once had a throw that was as thick as a blanket - I found out it was NOT socially acceptable :(

  2. p.s as usual - nice pun x

  3. Thank you :) Fendi- fab! I'll have a look! X