Sunday 21 November 2010


I've been out burning money I really don't have this weekend, as it's my office Christmas party this week (although it seems very premature to celebrating Christmas). I'm not a big fan of overspending on occasion wear, my cost-cutting outfits this year have included a £14 Tesco dress worn for my friend's wedding, a 3 year old pencil skirt worn for my graduation and a £30 River Island dress for just about every other event. My reasoning is, that there's no point spending my hard earned pennies on occasion wear when I seldom need it.

However, my upcoming office Christmas do has pressured me into buying a dress so out of my bargain-buying comfort zone, I feel slightly nauseous just glancing at the till receipt. Because when the party is being held in a Michelin-starred restaurant, with the owner of our company, who gives his name to a global jewellery brand, flying over for the event, I felt this was one occassion when I couldn't resort to Primark.

So, I bought this amazing gold brocade dress from Whistles...

I'm not telling the price...


  1. Loves it! It looks like it will really suit you<3


  2. thank you I have black suede platforms to wear with it- I will post a pic :) X

  3. I wanna see it on you!! No doubt there will be some fun facebook pics :) I took back that Xmas dress that I showed you, it looked A LOT different when I got it home that it did online! Ended up with one from Warehouse - is beaut! I'll send you a piccy xxx

  4. Yeah really nice find, I guess if you're in a fine dining restaurant Primark probably just won't cut it.