Sunday 6 September 2015


We all have hair struggles - in fact I have several - early onset greys and Monica Gellar humidity-hair are my major complaints. I don't have fine hair, but my girlfriends that do tell me styling is a right pain in the Kim-Kardash's-defining-feature (aka. arse). When I learnt that my go-to salon - Headmasters - had collaborated with Nioxin (the No.1 brand for thinning hair) to create the perfect blow-dry for baby-fine hair, I was invited to the salon to try out the experience. Although I am not the target client for this treatment, I picked up some excellent tips for styling both fine and thick hair that need to be shared on LFF. I also had my hair lobbed off into Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 'WOB' (that's a wavy bob in hair-speak) on the same visit, which has been a pretty life changing decision, (a total dream to style) and also happens to be the perfect cut for fine hair!  


How to make the most of your baby-fine hair? Headmasters Jonathan Soons advises:

  • Opt for a shorter cut, anything above collarbone will make your hair less weighty & allow more bounce at the roots. 
  • Fine hair is prone to split ends, use a heat protector when using heated tools, but make sure it is formulated for fine hair, Nioxin Therm Active Protector £16.90 is perfect. 
  • Colour can create the illusion of fuller hair whilst improving texture - subtle lights will make a huge difference. 
  • Traditional conditioners can leave fine hair limp, a light-weight leave-in conditioner every other wash is a great alternative. A foam or a mousse is your secret weapon for creating lightweight volume, especially at the roots, try Nioxin Bodyfying Foam, £16.90. 
THE PERFECT BLOWDRY 2When blow drying, here's some handy tips:
  • Jonathan used Nioxin Bodyfying Foam through the roots & Nioxin Thickening Spray on the ends.
  • He then wrap dried the model’s hair using a paddle brush rather than a round brush (which tends to smooth hair too much).
  • He moved the brush from side to side flipping the hair to allow as much movement & air as possible to plump the root.
  • To finish, he used a tong for an undone texture & width at the sides.
  • He finished with a good dose of Nioxin Niospray for max volume & lightweight hold.

This is the blow dry method I have been using at home since I visited Headmasters and it's great for fine + thick hair. It's an incredibly easy hair style that improves with wear and looks just as fresh after a night's sleep! 

I'd really recommend heading to your local Headmasters for a master class from the pros. Your Perfect Blow Dry is available nationwide and is priced from £30. Visit the Headmasters website here to enquire. 

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