Wednesday 6 April 2016


You have probably realised by now that I don't really 'do' fast fashion. Of course sometimes I'm tempted - this season I've been hankering after a Miu-Miu-esque ruffled blouse (M&S did an excellent interpretation) - but I am doing everything in my power not to buy one, as it definitely feels like a passing trend. Then there's the Topshop block-heeled court shoes that just about every blogger owns right now - resistance is [almost] futile. That's not to say I'm not buying more clothes than ever of course - I'm just carefully considering each purchase and trying to buy styles with longevity. For spring, I'm updating my wardrobe with classic staples (see the Esprit blue shirt, Boden breton top and A.P.C wear-forever trench below) and dressing them up with fun and playful accessories (ticking this box - Tessa Packard's mother of pearl Thundercloud earrings, J.Crew's leopard cross body and Stella Sport's glitter encrusted trainers). It's a formula I'm trying to apply to my everyday outfits with varying degrees of success (I definitely need more crazy shoes in my life) Here's the pieces on my wishlist right now: 

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