Friday 17 June 2016


It might come as a surprise to learn that one of the most avid readers of this blog is my dad. I’m incredibly lucky to have supportive parents who have helped me realise some of my ambitions, encouraging me to study Fashion PR and lending a hand with my street style photos when I started out as a blogger (boyfriend-less blogger problems…). My Dad is so sweetly proud of my achievements, he has even half-jokingly christened himself ‘FOLFF’; explaining this stands for father of La Fashion Folie (!)

When HMV recently got in contact to ask me to put together a post for father’s day, I thought it would be a lovely opportunity to talk about FOLFF on here. We share a similar taste in music – so in collaboration with my favourite record store, continue reading after the jump for father’s day playlist:

Folff and I are in agreement that Off The Wall is best Michael Jackson album; it’s seventies disco at it’s very best. Picking the best album track is the challenge, given that the listing includes both Rock With You and Get On The Floor, but I think we can all agree that the opening track is a pitch-perfect masterclass in disco. 

I blame Folff entirely for my penchant for European electronic dance music, which ranges from the terrible (Tiesto) to the great (Daft Punk). The Discovery album is still on rotation in my dad’s car – and One More Time sounds just as good now as it did when it was released. 

3. Modjo – Lady

Continuing with the European-dance theme, Modjo’s Lady transports me back to early millennial sun-soaked family holidays in Italy and Greece. Modjo’s one hit-wonder is 3:39 minutes of pure sunshine; add Spiller's Groovejet to the playlist and that's the sound of  my teenage summers. 

If you’re an 80s baby, your childhood probably sounded like Fleetwood Mac. It’s was the soundtrack to long family car journeys and Saturday mornings powered by Heart FM. I can’t say we listen to Fleetwood Mac often these days, but Everywhere is pure musical nostalgia in one track. 

One of the many great things about my parents is their willingness to embrace the new. When I visited home recently, it came as no surprise to find mum and dad in the kitchen doing the washing up, whilst bopping along No Sleep from their Faithless album. Yup, it's fair to say, my parents are much cooler than me. 

Thank you to HMV for helping me celebrate Father's Day & and Happy Father's day FOLFF! X  

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