Saturday 13 February 2010


Well, it's nearly Feb the 14th and I personally don't know how to feel about Valentines Day. Having spent 19 years simmering with resentment every time the dreaded day came round, it's hard to suddenly love the day just because I have boyfriend now. I would like to add that my mum was always lovely and put a thortons chocolate lollipop in my lunchbox to mark Valentines, but as we all know it's not quite the same as having an romantic admirer.Overall I think it's a pretty mean concept for national day: 'let's make half the population feel good at the expense of making half the population feeling extra crap!!!'

So whilst I hope I get a nice big pressie (ha) I really do wish Valentines day didn't exist.

Anyway, for my Valentines themed fashion post I would like to extoll the virtue of hearts, which are totally hip & fashion forward right now. As seen on the Marc by Marc Jacobs catwalk, heart prints look great clashed against tribal patterns and polka dots in this seasons 'print clash' trend.

Love the heart print tote, so adorable!
Also seen on the Luella catwalk where the models literally wore their hearts on their chest in these cut-out dresses:

Get your heart fix at where this Luella looky-likey dress is just £20.

And remember, a heart is for S/S10 not just for Valentines! (cringe)

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