Monday 7 June 2010


I'm just checking out the first pictures of the red carpet dresses from the BAFTAs and if I'm honest, I'm underwhelmed. Saying that, at least I'm not completely horrified like I was looking through the tangoed, tack-fest that was this years soap awards. That's a harsh & highly bitchy comment I know, but it's not as if the cast members of most soaps can't afford a stylist. They just chose to forgo one for some reason, styling themselves with disasterous results.

Anyway back to tonight's proceedings, and my favourite tabloid star of all time, Katie Price, arrived in a black taffeta statement ballgown. Whilst I am appreciating Price's recent attempts to tone down her glamour girl look, I do wish she'd stop wearing black. Against her dark hair and botoxed face, black looks very harsh, and in all honestly brings to mind visions of a wicked witch- which is exactly the kind of PR Katie doesn't need at the moment! But hey, you have to admire the way she completely ignores fashion trends and just wears what she fancies.

Wearing black much more successfully was ex-Coronation street actress Suranne Jones. I suspect this two-tear is by Halston Heritage, the 'it' label of the moment thanks to SATC 2, in which Carrie models 6 dresses by the brand. Suranne gets it right here; I like her embellished clutch and statement earrings, she added just the right amount of accessories in my opinion.

Another sartorial winner was ex-Eastender Kara Tointon, who looked positively goddess-like in this Grecian white gown. Shame about the mahogany tan, but the delicate accessories and chic updo rescue the look.

For more BAFTAs dresses head to The Daily Mail and let me know what you think!

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