Friday 18 November 2011


The Independent has today reported that £40,000 of the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer12 collection was stolen from near the brand's Mayfair store on Wednesday morning.

However, there have been lots of varying reports in the papers about the true facts behind this story with the Daily Mail contradicting the Independent, informing it's readers that the ENTIRE collection was stolen from a train en route to London. The truth is, that £40,000 worth of designer fashion is unlikely to amount an entire collection, so what exactly was taken during the theft is a source of hot speculation amongst fashion insiders at the moment.

marc jacobs spring summer collection stolen

What is clear is that journalists were made aware all was not well in the Marc Jacobs camp when the label's Europen Press Officer Vanessa Barthel cancelled a press preview due to take place in the Mayfair shop. The 46 look range was due to go on show in London yesterday, giving the British fashion press a sneak peak at next year's trends. A tweet later from Marc Jacobs HQ on Wednesday appeared to confirm that garments had gone awry, reading "Thank-you all for your concern about our stolen #SS12 Collection. Onward, upward."

Whatever the truth behind the headlines may be, what is true is that cancelling showing the new season collection to the fashion press could prove costly for the label,  as it could lead to fewer editorial placements in European publications and subsequently a decline in press coverage in S/S12.

It will be interesting to find out the true facts behind this sensational story as they are revealed in the press over the coming days, as there seems to be more to these first reports than meets the eye.


  1. Such a shame to hear what happened!
    Do love Marc Jacobs!
    Thanks for sharing an for your lovely comments on my blog, now following!

    Abigail x

  2. yep I read about this in the morning.... that's shocking!!