Thursday 10 November 2011


The Daily Mail online has run a story today about Gossip Girl's Blake Lively stepping out in a pair of Christian Louboutin 'lion paw' heels. The feline-inspired furry courts come complete with raised toe sections with jewelled claws to mimic the look of a lion's paw. The new style of Louboutin are fast becoming a celeb must-have, having been pictured on fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker in August.

What do you think of Blake's unusual choice of footwear? I'm personally a massive fan and pro any designer pioneering quirky, original trends. Get your paws on a pair of Louboutins at!


  1. ohh wow, they look like proper lioness shoes, i think i'd be a bit scared of wearing them if i had the chance! they look pretty empowering though :)

    Katie x

  2. empowering is a great word to describe them Katie!& yes they are truly amazing Gaby !

  3. Oh my gosh, those are amazing! From far away, they just look like a neat design, but when you get up close, they really come alive!

  4. love CL... but i think only celebs can putt this off... love SJP's look though... because she's wearing the red cape to go with the shoes. sophie, you have a lovely blog. enjoyed your style picks to your runway photos on your posts, and i am very inspired! new follower, and hope we can stay connected. cheers, from usa!