Thursday 26 April 2012


On Tuesday I headed to Spitalfields to visit the showroom of up and coming designer jewellery label, Cinderela B. The Cinderela B brand was founded by British designer Rachel Jackson, who set up the label following a life-changing gap year spent travelling the world. It was whilst in South America that Rachel formed a lifelong friendship with an inspirational local lady called Cinderela Bracante, who consequently taught Rachel how to make jewellery, and from whom the label takes it name.

The Cinderela B showroom itself is a gorgeous little haven near Brick Lane where I was served french fancies and tea from fine china whilst viewing the adorable South-American inspired designs and receiving a fuss from Rachel's pup, Raffy. To say the majority of the collection is gold and silver plated, with many designs incorporating gemstones, the prices are extremely affordable with a bestselling dainty Bea Bracelets costing just £25. So to get you inspired, here are just some of the stunning designs that caught my eye.

Liberty print bracelets
Pom pom necklaces
Refreshments Cinderela B style

Bea Bee bracelets
Founder and designer Rachel Jackson with
showroom pup Raffy!
A statement piece from the Vintage Couture range

A close-up of the Bea Bee necklaces
More Bea Bee collection

Bea Bee earrings
Raffy the Cinderela B pup
Wearing my beautiful Amazonite Pom Pom necklace
Continue reading after the jump for an interview with Cinderela B designer Rachel Jackson...

Tell us about the background behind the brand?

I had a typical 10 year corporate career working for EMAP in music television but I decided it wasn’t my calling in life. I needed to break away so I decided to go travelling around the world for a year, finishing in South America for three months. Whilst I was there, I met this incredibly inspiring lady called Cinderela Bracante and her sons Ale and Gus and we forged a lifelong friendship. She taught me how to make jewellery, took me to some amazing places in Brazil and inspired me to go with this dream that I had discovered and set up shop in the UK when I got back home.

What inspires your designs?
People, places, nature for sure. My travels from around the world initially and when I take myself out of London now I find inspiration. Nature is a running theme through the jewellery, you will repeatedly see birds and butterflies. Overall, happy times!

How did you get into jewellery design?
It was completely by chance, I stumbled across something I didn’t know I had a passion for and I tapped into a love for making jewellery and design when I was travelling in Brazil. I’m completely self-taught, I have always worn jewellery and I think if you realize you have an interest in making it you can look and see how things are made. Once you learn to use the tools through trial and error it’s not difficult and you can also learn through books and through looking at other designs.

What are you favourite pieces in the collection?
Definitely our new Bea bee! You’ve got the finer pieces that are great for everyday, and then I really like the chunky, colourful pieces that have that statement factor, I’m a statement girl myself. I also love our Vintage Couture range which makes a really big statement.

Who are you favourite jewellery and fashion designers?
Lara Bohic is one, I really like her signature style and I admire her as a business woman. I think my jewellery would sit well with a fashion brand with feminine handwriting, such as Temperley.


Visit the Cinderella B website.


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