Sunday 8 July 2012


A hooded, lightweight jacket is a summer wardrobe staple. If you're as precious as me about getting your hair wet (remember that episode of Friends when they all go to Barbados and Monica's hair just keeps getting bigger and bigger in the humidity? That's pretty much me this summer), then a hooded lightweight coat will be your s/s lifesaver. I have a sturdy, cotton, khaki number from Mango that I throw on for my morning commute with most outfits; dresses, jeans and skirts- you name it my coat goes over it. I rather like the contrast between a glamourous evening gown and hooded jacket too; very 1990s grunge. So to save you the hassle (and your barnet the trauma), I've trawled the internet for my favourite styles available at the moment:

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1. Khaki cotton parka, Dorothy Perkins, £55.00.
2. Modas parka coat, Vila,  £53.72.
3. Gucci hooded parka,, £2079.
4. Altuzarra yellow walnut hooded shell parka,, £420.
5. Camel cotton parka, Dorothy Perkins, £55.00.
6. Belstaff tourist waxed cotton-blend parka,, £244.99.

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  1. These are gorgeous! I was looking for a hooded rain jacket today-and that yellow one looks lovely!


    Erin @