Sunday 16 September 2012


Day two at London Fashion Week SS13 and on my agenda were several off-schedule shows; which are shows by up and coming designers at various locations away from the main LFW hub of Somerset House. Off-schedule shows can be a great deal of fun because they tend to attract a more-quirky crowd and the designers appear to have a bit more creative freedom with the looks they show.

My first show of the day was Jeffrey Michaels at the Goldsmiths Hall, which proved to be a youthful and urban offering with geometric prints and 3-dimensional prisms adorning the party frocks. The FROW  included (rather randomnly)  Lemar London-based latex-clad fine artist Pandomonia. The show also had a very cool soundtrack with the models walking to Princess of China by Rihanna and Coldplay, with plenty of added bass.

Pre-show frap with Katie.
The Goldsmiths Hall always makes an opulent backdrop for a show.
3D prisms decorated the garmets at Jeffrey Michaels.
Lemar takes a sneaky peak at one of the models!

Pandemonia poses after the Jeffrey Michaels show.

After the Jeffrey Michaels show Katie and I headed down Fleet Street back to Somerset House for some more street style photography ops. This was a little bit tricky because all the television crews were out in full force and Katie and I kept getting asked to interviews! Rather amusing we were interviewed by a TV channel in Shanghai, goodness knows they will make of the LFW circus.

My favourite street-style fashion find so far- this gorgeous Mawi jewelled clutch.
DIY neon kicks!

Loved this bird-print botanical blouse.
Katie being interviewed by this chap going by the name of 'Sugarpuff'. The interview culminated with Sugarpuff quizzing Katie on how she'd go about stealing a item of someone else's clothing she liked.. I'm not joking!
Me! Wearing my metallic floral Topshop jeans, a Cinderella B necklace and a simple blazer and shirt ensemble.

Marni H&M layered beads.

Ashley Isham's show felt like an ode to the society girl through the decades, with pearls and chandelier earrings and coiffuerred hair harking back to the days of debutantes and slinky, sexy party dresses bearing shades of party-girl Paris. Isham even accessorised one of outfits with the IT girl's favourite accessory- a real-life puppy!

Jodie Harsh on the FROW at Ashley Isham.

So that's LFW day 2 done and I'm taking day 3 off to digest my LFW SS13 experience so far (and tidy my clothes-strewn room). But I shall be back on the Somerset House cobbles Monday for more fabulous fashion. Sophie X


  1. Loving reading your LFW news! Lamar used to be my past obsession!! Lol please tell me you'll stop by Estethica?

    1. Yes I will tomorrow- what would you like pictures of? Also some of Jan's work is in the Rock Vault!


  2. Or rather Lemar! Shows how quickly I forgot him! Ha ha

    1. Nana never forget Lemar! I went out & bought 'If there's any Justice' -what a legend!

      Sophie X

  3. excellent snaps Soph xx

  4. excellent snaps Soph xx

  5. I had a good chinwag with Sugarpuff today, he's so nice! Your Ashley Isham snaps came out great.

    1. I'm jealous because I'm the only one who hasn't been Sugarpuffed now! X