Wednesday 5 June 2013


When I turned 25 in April, I made a resolution to be bolder with my sartorial choices. Shorter hemlines, higher heels; you only live once and I want my style to reflect that! One style change I have always wanted to make (but never felt brave enough to commit to) was to colour my dark brunette hair lighter. I decided I was ready to take the plunge and contacted the team at Headmasters to see if they could assist with my transformation. They kindly obliged, and last week I found myself at their Mayfair address in the extremely talented hands of Colour Director Siobhan Jones. Continue reading after the jump to see how my new look was achieved...
Ombre Auburn hair

When I saw that Gemma Arterton (my beauty idol) had coloured her hair an exquisite auburn/ copper hue last year, I decided I wanted to emulate the look.  Looking at Gemma’s shade, Colour Director Siobhan told me that whilst it would be possible to lift the colour of my hair, it might take a few appointments to achieve the exact auburn hue I craved. Having frequently home coloured my locks, Siobhan could see red tones in my hair left by residue dye that could be ‘lifted’ out to help the process along. She recommended a ‘gentle cleanse’ to do this; a treatement that involves a mild bleach solution being rubbed through lengths of hair to gently lift out the lightest possible shade. 

The customary before picture. Sorry about the gormless expression. 
After this step, it was time for Siobhan to blow dry my hair to see my post-treatment colour. I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t convinced this part of the process would show a noticeable difference. So I was surprised (and excited!) to find my colour had lifted to a burnished hue that could almost be described as auburn. 
Siobhan applies the 'shimmers' to my hair
Next, it was time to apply the colour. During my consultation I mentioned to Siobhan that I liked the current trend for subtle ombre hair. Siobhan explained that the ‘Super-natural’ look is a big colour trend and key focus at Headmasters for SS13. To achieve this effect on my hair she recommended glossing the roots with a shade close to my natural colour (I already have some grey hairs so unfortunately this is necessary step) and painting a lighter golden hue on the tips. 

To create a completely natural look Siobhan’s final recommendation was to add super-fine copper ‘shimmers’ through the top layer of my hair. Like a highlight, foils are used to create this effect but unlike a highlight shimmers only add a subtle hint of colour that can only be seen upon catching the light. 
Waiting for the colour to do it's work
When it came to blow dry my hair, I was beyond excited to see the final look. But I don’t think I anticipated just how much I would love the outcome. The hue is perfect and I love the different tones that appear in different lights. You know that post-hair salon feeling where you look in shop windows, parked cars and just about any reflective surface to check out your new look? Well a week on I’m still doing it (sorry fellow Londoners). It's a truly freeing feeling to be completely happy with my hair for once. 
A side profile that really shows off the ombre'd tips
With the super-talented Siobhan 
A huge LFF thank you goes to to Siobhan and the team at Headmasters for an amazing experience. x

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