Tuesday 1 April 2014


Recently, I was lucky enough to put my questions to fashion designer Todd Lynn following his successful autumn/winter 14 catwalk show. Todd shared some amazing insights into the development of his latest collection, including the pivotal role played by a green highlighter! Continue reading after the jump for the inside scoop on Todd Lynn AW14

Q. What were your inspirations behind your AW14 collection?

A: Painter Jonas Burgert and his inexhaustible theatre-play that he considers to be human existence; man’s need to make sense of his purpose in life.

We live in a world where more and more people believe that we no longer live in a world of eternity. Humanity has tried to understand their existence for thousands of years, their desire to find meaning beyond physicality. How many thousands of gods have humans invented in an effort to explain. We create existences as heroes, gods or clowns. They lead unbearably loud, malicious, cynical, witty and passionate lives, in wonderfully strange or terrible places. In the end, there is no certainty.

She’s fierce; she wraps and ties her clothes on. Jackets, coats, shirts, dresses, shoes and gloves are tied on with leather cords and straps. The Todd Lynn woman is always ready-for-battle.She dresses to elevate herself, to feel powerful in the hope of invincibility. She’ll fight to win!

Garment elements are worn in ‘reverse order’. It’s unconventional layering: shirts are put on over jackets and skirts over dresses, jackets are tucked into trousers and gloves wrap over sleeves. Jackets have shirtsleeves and shirts have jacket sleeves.There’s a darkness and violence to the look, an element of danger and toxic power.

Q. Why did you choose the Box as the venue to showcase your AW14 collection?

A: I wanted to have the show in a unique small space. It was important that everyone see the details close up. This is what the clothes usually are about.

Q.Do you have a favourite look in the collection? If so, which one?

A: It very difficult to pick a favouite. I am particularly happy with the way the furs turned out.

Q. Which is the stand-out piece in the AW14 collection that we all should invest in for AW14?

A: I guess, if you are going to invest in anything, I would say go for a coat. Coats are the perfect investment piece and my coats have a longer shelf-life that one season!

Q. I saw lots of texture on your AW14 catwalk, can you talk us through the fabrics used?

A: I love working with a dark colour palette and it’s what my customer wants. The best way to lift things is to add texture as well as using high quality fabrics. The tailoring starts with a light-weight wool so light that the hems of the jackets can be tucked into trousers and skirts. There is also a pin-striped fabric that is made as a jacquard, where the stripe sits on-top of the fabric in relief. The metallic element is also seen in the coating fabric and a silver silk jacquard. Plus the fur has the most texture. The test sample was actually coloured with a green highlighter!

Q. Did you get chance to take in any other shows at LFW yourself? If so, which?

A: I didn’t get to see any other shows during LFW. I am usually back at the office first thing the next morning!

Q. Which other LFW designers catwalks do you look forward to seeing?

A: I am friends with most of the designers in London fashion week. I think that the greatest asset to London is that it has the most diverse collection of designers all doing amazing shows and collections.

Q. What can Todd Lynn fans expect from your next Debenhams collaboration?

A: We have started working on a huge AW2014 collection. So, expect A LOT of leather and some amazing coats! I have also stated working in the accessories department, so you’ll be able to add a few great bags to your autumn winter wardrobe in the middle of September!

Q. How did you celebrate another successful LFW show? (Did you carry on the party at The Box?)

A: After the show, the team and I went out to a small pub in the east end to drink the night away! It was a well deserved break for everyone! Then back to work the next morning!

Thanks to Todd Lynn and Debenhams for their help on this post x

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