Sunday 20 July 2014


It’s crazy to think that just over a year ago I was a brunette (remember when I used to look like this?). Fast-forward to 2014 and I am celebrating my auburn anniversary, having never looked back. I’m a pretty low maintenance kinda gal (although my boyfriend might beg to differ…) so a flaming red do works for me - I think it makes a style statement with minimal effort on my part in between salon appointments. My cuts and colours are the work of the follicle wizards at Headmasters, whom I trust implicitly with my barnet.  A couple of weeks ago I visited their Soho branch for a little summer refresh with Gareth from the Art Team, here’s how I got on:
Headmasters Soho Review
The before

Auburn Hair Mid length hairstyles
Before from the front
During my initial consultation, I explained to Gareth that I didn’t want to drastically change my look, just subtly refresh my style for summer. I knew I wanted to lighten up my colour, so Gareth suggested using the ‘balayage’ technique, where individual sections of hair are painted with sweeps of colour, free-hand. I also have to colour my roots every 8 weeks because I have a few greys peeking through (I’m only 26 – damn genetics!) so we decided to apply a gloss to the roots rather than a damaging permanent colour. There’s a big trend at the moment for natural, healthy-looking hair, so conditioning glosses are popular treatment at Headmasters this season. Balayage works best on the ends of hair, so Gareth applied some blonde foils through the crown for a natural sunkissed look. This couture colouring technique is signature to Headmasters approach - every client's colour is bespoke. 
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Headmasters Soho review
Letting the foils work their magic!
My split ends needed trimming, so Gareth took a couple of centimetres off the length, and cut some layers through the back of my hair to add volume. He also cut in some blunt face-framing sections at the front, which feel like grown out bangs. We discussed how I'd like my hair to be heat styled - I am a fan of a big blow dry – and Gareth’s was as big as they come!  Fast forward to the present day (two weeks on from my appointment) and I love the subtle differences in my new do. The  soft hints of blonde make all the difference; now to find out if blonde's really do have more fun! 
Auburn Hair Mid length hairstyles
The finished cut and colour from the back - super swishy!
Auburn Hair Mid length hairstyles
But first, let me take a #helfie (a hair selfie!)

Thanks to Gareth and the Headmasters team for my fabulous new do! Sophie x

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