Saturday 29 November 2014


Personalised presents require that extra effort, but in return they offer a genius gifting solution. A monogrammed tote or an engraved necklace will make a thoughtful statement without breaking the bank or a fraught trip to Oxford Street. For affordable bespoke jewellery, my go-to is Anna Lou of London - I wear my monogram S necklace daily. Buying for a committed coffee consumer? [aka me - my chap and I have matching Keepcups!]  Then check out KeepCup – the first company to offer barista standard reusable cups. The best part? You can customise your KeepCup in colours of your choice, or gift a voucher to allow the recipient to choose their own – genius! Similarly, The Bathory offer the opportunity to invent your own bespoke bath soaks; I trialled the website earlier this year and it’s such a smart concept, plus the monochrome packaging is incredibly chic. A bespoke print makes the ideal choice for a new homeowner – my fellow blogger Victoria designs chic prints on request, available at her I Heart The Home Etsy store. Get your orders in this weekend to meet her Christmas delivery deadline!

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