Wednesday 18 February 2015


What to wear for a job interview? It's one of the most googled style questions for a good reason, I think we have all had a sartorial crisis pre-interview at some stage in our careers. Having been Marketing Manager for The Fold London - a British fashion brand that empowers modern professional women - for nearly 5 months, I've learnt so much about the trials women face each day getting dressed for work, pitching for promotions and interviewing for new roles. So, when City Calling got in contact and asked me to write a blog post on this very topic, I thought I'd share some of my recently acquired wisdom. Here are the tips & tricks to follow:

Research the company: Do your research online and investigate the internal dress code (the company website and social media channels often offer clues). Tailor your style to the company's image so as not to alienate those interviewing. 

Stay in your comfort zone: Now is not the time to try the latest trends or to make a bold fashion statement. Wear something comfortable yet smart that makes you feel good. 

Wear comfortable shoes: I made the mistake of wearing new loafers that I hadn't broken in to an interview last year. Just walking into the interview was uncomfortable and I felt self conscious rather than confident thanks to my unavoidable my-heels-are-in-agony limp (unsurprisingly I wasn't hired). A mid-height heel is good solution, walkable meets confidence-boosting is a winning formula. 

Watch your hemline: A raised hemline will raise eyebrows. Keep things knee length or below, you'll be thankful when you sit down in front of HR and your hemline rises! 

Wear something memorable: This slightly contradicts my other tips, however, I strongly believe that an eye-catching accessory can set you apart in a sea of candidates. One former boss told me she hired me because she liked my mint green nail polish (!) - this tip applies even if you don't work in a creative environment - a colourful tote or an eye-catching drop earring can help to differentiate from the crowd.

Here's some job interview outfits to consider:
What to wear for a job interview

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