Tuesday 24 March 2015


There’s a common myth I want to dispel about beauty oils – ‘oils cause breakouts’ – well, put simply, they don’t. You’d be forgiven for holding this view, however - the magazines I read as a teen preached about the spot-breeding evils of oil – hey, even my non-metrosexual boyfriend questioned why I would risk using a facial oil when I told him I was trialling a new product [he kindly indulges me in beauty-related conversations from time to time]. Yet I can confidently say that subbing my bedtime moisturiser for oil has been one of the best decision I’ve made for my skin since I took the plunge a year ago. I’ve tried several oils in the interim, including Kadria’s Balancing Face Oil which I was recently sent to try. 
Kadria Balancing Facial Oil

The hype? Originally formulated to care for the unpredictable skin of pregnant ladies, more recently Kadria’s Balancing Face Oil ‘is being snapped up in thousands by ladies who suffer from monthly hormonal skin imbalances, as it evens out skintone and obliterates breakouts’.

The pros: Despite being 26, I still get spots. Centered around my jawline, they’re an eyesore at best and painful at worst. If you’re also afflicted with adult breakouts, I’m sure you’re skeptical that beauty products can help.  But I genuinely saw results from Kandria’s oil. I came to find that when I applied the oil before bed I was much less likely to wake up to a fresh zit. My skin also had a nice healthy glow about it – oils make my skin look much fresher than lotions.

The cons: The oil was heavier than Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Serum which is also in my arsenal of beauty favourites. This isn’t necessarily a con if you have dry skin – but on my normal-oily skin it was slow to absorb. The heavy peppery herbal scent of the product did it for me – but if aromatherapy isn’t your thing it might be overpowering.

The verdict: I’d love to be smart enough to explain the science behind Kandria’s Balancing Face Oil [I'm not] – but I can confidently say I have seen a dramatic reduction in breakouts.  

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