Sunday 19 February 2017


Hello my name is Sophie and I am addicted to notifications. My story? From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep I’m pressing refresh on a plethora of platforms. And the addiction isn't limited to my spare time; working in the field of Communications, I’m constantly connected, constantly watching real-time analytics, constantly chasing the next Insta-high. I can trace the obsession back to the moment I acquired my first iPhone upon the break-up of a long-term relationship. The empty void in my bed was filled with virtual distraction and a collection of cookies, and the rest is (browsing) history. 
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Now, to state the obvious, the problem with addictions is that they don’t make you very happy. For starters, it’s actually incredibly boring monitoring social media 24/7. There’s only so many VSCO-cam filtered pictures of avo toast, anti-Trump Facebook rants and click-bait from The LadBible one girl can take (remember when the LadBible used to be funny as opposed to desperate?)

Then there’s the bigger issue – the effect technology has on mental health. The biggest offender on this account? For me, it’s WhatsApp. I can’t think of a singular app so conducive to paranoia as WhatsApp.

Personally, I’m lamenting the days of blissful ignorance. The days of good old, straight forward text, when I happily decided the logical explanation for a lack of response to my text was a lost phone. But thanks to the intrusive time stamps and exposing double blue ticks we all know better. And all the worse for it. 
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The paranoia isn’t the only troubling side effect. I’m seriously bothered by my ever-decreasing concentration span. Reading a book, focussing on a history documentary, cooking a new recipe - past times I love when in the right mindset are becoming increasingly difficult as the virtual distractions grow ever louder.

It struck me recently (morbid though the thought may be) that I don’t want to look back when I'm at death's door and realise I allowed real life to pass me by whilst my virtual habits became all-consuming. I want to experience the world in real-time, not real-time analytics (shout out to all Google Analytics fans out there).  So from this month onwards I’m taking baby steps to regain control over my life and break some of my dirtiest digital habits.
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I’ve taken up swimming and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy that 45 minutes of my day when I lock my iPhone away in changing room locker. Swimming thirty lengths in reflective silence is the closest my wired and tired brain gets to meditation and it’s fast becoming my favourite hobby.

I’m also trying to put my phone aside once I leave work, retraining my brain to actually engage in the present and chat with my flatmate or read the day's papers instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram. Of course like any addict, I’m not finding the process easy. Without my phone I’m restless and fidgety. And my self-imposed rule of airplane-mode-after-10pm has thus far been unsuccessful.
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The next logical steps? Take radical measures, buy an alarm clock and eradicate gadgets from my sleeping space altogether (although the mere thought gives me palpitations). 

It's taking some adjustment, but I'm determined 2017 will be a year of living, rather than refreshing. I'll notify you if I'm successful. 

Photos: Kylie Eyra  (thank you bae!) x 


  1. I am the same. I actually deactivated my personal Facebook for everything you have mentioned. Whattsap I now hardly use. I am purely digital for my blog. It began to absorb me and at Christmas I had a horrendous anxiety attack because of it. Daft isn't it? Getting back to reality is the best way to a happier life. Love you Soph... Keep smiling xx

    1. Oh darling sorry to hear about your anxiety attack, it's really not worth that is it. I hope you're doing better now. Kinda crazy when I think back to the fashion weeks we did 4/5 years ago - we were so clueless and blogging was just a fun ride! I'm really trying to return to that feeling. Love to you, let's catch up soon XX

  2. Was reading this morning that our attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds since 2000 (or something similar). Scary huh? Also good on for swimming. I need to do something similar..! x

    1. How did I miss this comment, so sorry Kathryn! God I wonder if mine is even 8 seconds, I feel like it's no more than a gold fish's these days! I find swimming is really good as is running or gym classes in general. Let me know how you get on if you do x