Wednesday 4 July 2018


With the rise of botox and fillers, you’d be forgiven for thinking that a surgeon-on-speed-dial is the only answer to preventing the ageing process. And that’s true in some respects; I’m not going to suggest it’s entirely possible to roll back the years and iron out wrinkles with good diet and good skincare habits. But there’s a lot to be said for maintaining good health from the inside out to promote a youthful appearance. Case in point - I think my skin looks at its best and most youthful when I’ve left the gym post-workout, there’s nothing that says ‘youth’ like health. 

Last month I visited the treatment rooms of Anu Jarvinen on Marylebone High Street (inside the Neal’s Yard Remedies store which has a really dreamy herbal scent), for a facial with an anti-aging focus. Anu Jarvinen’s approach to skincare is entirely natural, using essential oils, vegetable oils, clays, plant extracts and flower waters instead of chemical-based beauty products. Whilst I enjoyed an incredible facial (honestly, my skin has never looked better than post-facial, see selfie evidence here) Anu shared her top five easy-to-adopt tips to combat ageing naturally: 



1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. The older you get, the dryer your skin will become, so hydration from the inside out is key. That means drinking plenty of water and cutting back on caffeine where possible (*cries*).

2. Oils are essential for balancing the skin – yes, even oily skin! It’s a beauty myth that oil = spots. Anu’s favourite product is Rosehip Oil, which has a subtle pink tint that brings a pretty glow to skin.

3. Facial massage is incredibly effective in preventing ageing. Why? Because stimulating the blood flow to the face visibly plumps the skin, smoothing out fine lines. The science behind facial massage as an anti-ageing technique is simple - leading stressful lives, we carry visible tension in our faces. Taking time to massage the skin releases tensions, ‘ironing out’ any tension-induced lines. Massage also stimulates the blood flow and plumps up the complexion; it’s a surprisingly quick fix to a youthful appearance. I’ll do a 10-minute massage with Decleor Neroli Oil most evenings before bed (unless I’ve been out on the lash,  in which case it’s not happening).


4. Visit a skincare expert such as Anu on a regular basis to assess your skin and tweak your current routine. Anu treats both male and female clients – good skincare isn't just for the girls! 

5. Introduce a natural clay mask into your routine. For an anti-ageing facial, Anu’s approach is two-pronged; a deep-cleansing, natural clay mask followed by a facial massage, to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin. This is an accessible at-home beauty treatment; Anu sources her green clay from France in powder form and mixes with rose water to create a paste-like consistency.

*I was invited for a complimentary facial with Anu Jarvinen but I only blog about experiences I really rate.  

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