Sunday 29 July 2018


What to wear to the office in a heatwave? Getting dressed for work this past month has been a confusing business. How to look smart whilst negating dying a slow painful & overheated death on the Northern Line on route? Step forward linen, a fabric that is the answer to summer sartorial problems.
Linen jumpsuit 1


To address the elephant in the room, I'm not going to pretend linen doesn't crease, because it does (whack your iron up to the highest temperature to smooth the wrinkles out). However if you can overlook a few lived-in wrinkles, then it's pretty much the perfect summer fabric because is so so cool to wear, smart in appearance and machine washable unlike silk.  

This jumpsuit is from Finery London and was created in collaboration with British actress Vicky McClure (OMG GUYS Vicky commented on my Instagram post!!! Life. Made.) It's also currently ON SALE FOR LESS THAN HALF PRICE, which is definitely worth shouting about because this is a really beautiful jumpsuit. Even though it's pale linen, it's nice and thick so I don't have to worry about knicker show-through and it is beautifully tailored. The phrase 'wear-forever' is thrown about all too frequently in fashion, however this is definitely a piece I'll reach for summer after summer. 

If you're not a jumpsuit kinda of gal, there's lots of great linen buys to shop online this summer, so here's an edit of the best of the rest: 


Linen jumpsuit 2
Linen jumpsuit 4
Linen jumpsuit 5
Linen jumpsuit 3
Linen 6

Photos: Barbara Premo  Location: The British Museum 

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