Friday 30 December 2011


I'm back! I hope you had a fabulous, peaceful Christmas like mine. Now it's time to look ahead to the new year, and with the dawn of each new year comes the inevitable list of over-optimistic resolutions to detox, diet, work-out and generally deny oneself life's many pleasures. Which is why I prefer to think about my fashion resolutions, which I define as 'subtle ways to enhance and improve my style and wardrobe' (...much more optimistic since they often can be fulfilled through my favourite hobby; shopping!)

My first fashion resolution? To embrace the huge S/S12 trend for glorious prints and vibrant colours, often artfully clashed. My style comfort blanket is undoubtedly neutral colours (black, grey and beige reign supreme in my wardrobe) but bright colours really work against my pale skintone and are instant mood-enhancers too! So what better place to look for inspiration than the S/S12 catwalks...

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  1. Great idea, i love clashing prints/colours (in a good way!) That Christopher Kane dress is stunning.

    Katie x

  2. Ooooo interesting post - can't wait to see the other resolutions! I adooooore using colors so much, its probably the best improvement for me with my style. Usually I was so used to wearing only one color (blue) but now I'm into every color hehe. On another note you had asked on my blog what was my secret to looking chic and put together. I don't think its a real secret, but I just put a lot of thought into outfits, I spend time looking at what looks best together and changing the outfit around if it isnt quite right. Hope that helps!

    Thanks for visiting my blog <3

  3. Great resolution!!! This will be mine too!!

  4. I like your philosophy on New Year's resolutions. You rock for that. Colors and prints tend to scare me, especially when they're together. I don't mind neutral prints so much. I love a good leopard. But man oh man, these looks are terrifying. I do love them though. Someday I'll be braver. I have been attempting to incorporate more color into my wardrobe, actually. But as far as prints go, I'll probably stick to leopard and polka dots only.


  5. yeeeeeeeah I like this trend so much!!! I LOVE prints and mixing them with nice and clean outfits and clothes, they give such character to an outfit!!

    I'd love to follow your blog, do you want to follow mine? :)*