Friday 23 December 2011


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I'm taking a few days off from Lafashionfolie blogspot over Christmas to eat, drink, be merry and listen to Last Christmas by Wham! on repeat (best song of the season, hands down).

So I just want to take this opportunity to wish all my lovely readers a very merry Christmas; and what better way to say it than with this beautiful vintage Jaeger Christmas advert drawn by one of my all-time favourite fashion illustrators René Gruau? So have a wonderful, peaceful holiday and I shall be back before the New Year!

Sophie x


  1. love this ad...merry christmas to you too!!!happy holidays!!!

    p.s. this song is the best by far!!totally agree!!!

  2. Love the blogg!
    Happy xmas to you too!!!!!!!:)
    I'll follow you, maybe you follow me?

  3. I hope you have a Merry Christmas with your loved ones. I can't wait to eat delicious food and spend time with my family =D

  4. I want happiness, prosperity, health, achievements, peace and all the best for you family! Merry Christmas and Happy Year 2012!

  5. Thank you for your comment, you're really nice :)

    I don't have any secret, I just use a pantene shampoo and a protect and repair hair mask ^^

    Happy holidays!!

  6. Merry Christmas to yoo!!! :) thanks for your visit on my blog and for your sweet comment, also I like your blog, Now I am happy to be your follower , I hope you will want to follow me on google friends connect and also on facebook have a good day... keep in touch ....

  7. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the Christmas wishes!It sounds like you are also having a fabulous holiday season <3


  8. Hope you had a fab Christmas! This picture is gorgeous xx

  9. Your time off sounds wonderful. Enjoy and see ya in the New Year!

    ps. thanks for your last comment :)

    x Niki from A Haute Mess

  10. Hope you had a fab Xmas!