Wednesday 23 May 2012


When I was offered the opportunity to review the Stylistpick service, I was a little over-excited. Having worked in the head office of a high street footwear brand, I like to think of myself as a shoe connisseur (although I'm definitely no expert) and I couldn't wait to have my very own pair of Stylistpick shoes.

Shoes aside, what I really liked about the Stylistpick service was the attention to detail. My shoes arrived on my office desk a very punctual 3 days after I placed my order (that was standard delivery) and came in a stylish carrier bag inside the delivery box. This was clever stuff- the number of times I've struggled home with a shoe box after getting my online shopping delivered to the office is countless. Inside the bag I discovered another lovely detail- a polaroid picture with a picture of my 'Rosie' sandals; perfect for the organised shoe collector. Then I pulled out the shoebox inside to discover it was wrapped with a pretty bow- it's these adorable little details that make all the difference.

And finally, my thoughts on my hessian-detail 'Rosie' sandals inside? Well, they look much more expensive than their price tag and I haven't seen anything similar on the high street. And the best bit? We finally have some sandal-appropriate weather! Perfect.

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  1. I do like the sandals - they're unusual - but like you I love the little details. Never heard of a polaroid inside a shoe box before!