Tuesday 12 June 2012


Yesterday I headed to Graduate Fashion Week to watch the Nottingham Trent University show. A good indicator of the buzz surrounding a uni's graduates at GFW is the crowd, and the Nottingham Trent show was packed to rafters with buyers and the fashion press including Grazia's Melanie Rickey on the FROW. I took my seat next to my fashion writer pal Natalie Dawson from WWB, who helpfully swapped notes with me during the show! One of Nottingham Trent Uni's specialist areas is knitwear, and the show proved to be showcase of some skillful work translated into fashionable, covetable collections. Here's my highlights from the Nottingham Trent grads...

Fashion is having a love affair with prints at the moment, and Dae Byn Lee's collection combined bold painterly prints with interesting structure in her collection. Natalie commented that the collection had a bit of the Basso and Brooke about it and she's 100% correct, don't you think?

Dae Byn Lee's painterly prints
The packed crowd 
Dae Byn Lee

My favourite collection of the show belonged to Tamsin Lakhani who showed the finest  of knits in rainbow colours that had a touch of the Missoni about them. Her striped knits in lean shapes elegantly skimmed the form and had a luxurious appeal.

From L-R: Elizabeth Daniell, Orla Emerson-Creak, Tamsin Lakhani.

Other collections that caught my eye included Elizabeth Daniell's bold graphic prints that had commercial appeal-aplenty and Orla Emerson Creak's intricate knitted seperates that reworked the 1960s mod look for the noughties girl.

Florence Bridge

The highlight of the show surely had to be Florence Bridge's glamourous resort wear in purple digital prints; the diaphanous maxi dress above floated down the runway and took my breath away.

The fabulous catwalk was followed by an equally fabulous after show party with free flowing champagne and an appearance from Made in Chelsea boys Jamie and Francis (it would have been rude not to ask for a photo).

What are your thoughts on the Nottingham Trent catwalk? I'd love to know your favourite looks as always...


  1. these are beautiful! i especially love the dae byn lee ones, they're so colorful and the prints are fantastic xx
    a thousand million words

  2. I love the look of Dae Byn Lee's collection! But they all look fantastic, even more amazing that they're graduate collections how exciting for British fashion xxx

  3. wow very cool, but for me i love the "day to day" wearble fashion so Elizabeth Daniell's dress looks very stunning indeed, would love to see it on a romatic date :D

    1. You're right Tiago, that parachute dress would look lovely for a date. The NTU show was full of wearable clothing which is also great to see alongside some of the more out there stuff.

      Sophie x


  4. Am absolutely loving Byn Lee's collection, from a print designer view it just totally WOWS me!!

    Rianna xxx