Sunday 20 January 2013


I did something out of character during the January sales, and purchased a rose pink coat from Topshop. (outfit post to come soon). I say out of character, because bar the odd splash of neon, this is the first splash of pink I have had in my wardrobe since I committed crimes against fashion in hideous fuschia pedal pushers aged 14. But after trying on the Topshop coat on a whim, I discovered that the rose petal shade of pink warmed up my porcelain skintone a treat.

And I am happy to report that a couple of weeks on and a co-ordinating scarf later, I am really enjoying wearing such an unashamedly feminine colour. When I have my coat on, not only do I feel princess-like, but I have also found that the opposite sex are holding opening a fair few more doors for me, which, for a single girl in the city, is rather nice.

So the message is: don’t knock the power of pink until you have tried it ladies! Here’s my pick of the best pieces available online now.

SS13 Pink Trend

1. Newbury round neck tee, Stylistpick, £10.
2. Pink bird door knocker earrings, ASOS, £25.
3. J Brand denim 811 skinny jeans, Matches Fashion, £205.
4. Marni printed woven wool skirt, The Outnet,  £248.50.
5. Rhodonite pom-pom necklace, Cinderela B, £45.
6. New Look Phoebe Wing tote, ASOS, £14.99.
7. Silver stone & pink bracelet, Dorothy Perkins, £10.
8. Smythson leather iPhone case,, £110.


  1. Love the colour pallet of this post, so refreshing and feels very right now. Love your picks :)

    Take care,

    Daniella from LellaVictoria xox

  2. Dude, the pink pedal pushers sound awesome! I do love a bit (a lot) of pink, and I'm excited to wear it every Wednesday this summer.

    1. Hahaaa! Sarah I actually love you. Dreading the moment when pedal pushers come back into fashion again, then I will feel officially old.

      Oo pink Wednesdays sound like a fun concept ;) Flash a bit of pink at LFW for me too!

      Sophie xx