Tuesday 5 May 2015


Highlights, dip-dying and all over bleach; you might think that the world of dye jobs ends there, but there's actually a wealth of options in the world of couture colour. Used expertly, hair colour can be used to contour your face like a good bronzer, highlight your best features and even make a fine head of hair appear to be a thick, lustrous mane. I'm speaking from experience, having had some really cool techniques applied to my locks by the Headmasters team. Here are some of the latest looks to ask your stylist for at your next appointment:
Headmasters 1

1. Babylights

A key trend for SS15, Babylights are super-fine highlights that are applied to a 'weave' of your tresses (industry jargon for a sections of hair). They look beautiful when scattered throughout your hair because catch the light and shimmer, ideal if you want to subtly lighten your hair for the warmer months. I've just had coppery babylights applied through my 'do. 

Great for: Colour virgins! This is a subtle look. 

2. Balayage 

Balayage is a freehand (no foils are used to section hair) technique when sweeping sections of colour are painted through the hair, concentrating the colour towards the tips. Essentially, it's a much more natural take on the ombre trend.  

Great for: Lazy girls! Balayage is the ideal technique for low maintenance   groomers - the regrowth is less noticeable than a full head of highlights, meaning fewer trips to the salon!

Headmasters 2
Created by Headmasters' Colour Director Siobhan Jones, this look combines balayage, highlights and baby lights. 
3. Prisme

If you've just braved the chop and cut your hair into the SS15 'Lob' (salon speak for the longbob), then here's a colour treatment for you. Prisme focuses on taking triangular panels and placing either lighter or darker colours around the face and on the ends of hair to create shadows, and ultimately texture. Great if you're wearing the lob with a bit of movement, this technique will beautifully highlight the shape. 

Great for: Fine hair - a bit of bleach it will slightly dry the follicles and add some texture which will make your locks appear thicker (an Alexa Chung tip, no less!)

4. Ecaille Balayage - 'Tortoiseshell hair'

Like Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley's latest colour? She's wearing the latest technique known as tortoiseshell hair. It's basically the ombre balayage (see above) technique look softened up with lots of highlights scattered throughout the crown. Think of all the varied, warm tones in tortoiseshell and imagine all those beautiful hues in one head of hair. Can't quite visualise the look? I've just had this technique applied to my hair by the talented Sian at Headmasters - here I am! 

Great for: Ombre'd girls looking to update their style. 

Headmasters 3
Created by Sian from Headmasters Soho Art Team, this is the 'tortoise shell' effect.

5. Contouring Colour

Similar to a bronzer or a highlighter, colour placed strategically around the face can have a contouring effect. The Headmasters team place brighter, coper hues colour in my fringe for a flattering look.

Great for: everyone! Who doesn't want some Kardashian-style contouring from their hair colour?

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