Tuesday 19 May 2015


The secret to perfect at-home manis every time? I think I have found it. 

Last year I ditched my gel manicures in favour of at-home DIY polish jobs. It's an expensive habit, and my fortnightly visits to the nail bar were bankrupting me. However, I really couldn't stand painting my nails at home - I am an impatient Aries and waiting for varnish to dry is pet hate! To cut the chase - my colleague at the time (hi Alexia!) had amazing nails. She'd turn up at work with fresh manicure every other day and most impressively she shared that she painted her nails in the morning before heading to the office. Her secret? A quick drying top coat. I've tried a few  so-so quick dry products in the past, but Alexia's recommendation - OPI Rapidry Top Coat really works. I'm talking 10 min drying time max. The only downside is that manicures don't last more than 3 days before they start to chip. But if you're in a hurry, this product is the dream! 

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OPI Rapidry Topcoat Review

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