Thursday 24 October 2013


You may not know that I work in the fine jewellery business in my day job. Last month I was invited to an industry event - The Professional Jeweller Hot 100 party held at One Marylebone - a lavish affair that celebrates the hottest movers and shakers working in jewellery on a annual basis. These events tend to be extravagant dripping-in-diamonds occasions, so I knew I would need a special outfit for the party. Luckily the kind team at Wish Want Wear - the online designer dress hire UK specialist came to my rescue. 

I decided upon a full-length by Malene Birger dress from Wish Want Wear because the occasions in my life when I can dress up are so few and far between I wanted to wear something I would never normally be able to. I ordered the dress and Wish Want Wear couriered it to my house 24 hours in advance of the event (I like to cut things fine!). When I opened the tissue wrapped parcel I knew I had made the right decision - I loved the delicate oyster pink lace detail upper and softly pleated skirt. 

I've never worn a designer dress before (unless you count fleetingly trying dresses on Balenciaga during my time as Harvey Nichols shop girl) so this felt like a real Cinderella moment for me. To accessorize  Holts London kindly lent me a pair of beautiful Diamond post and Grey pearl earrings and I squeezed a few essentials into my Vince Camuto chain strap bag. A word of warning to petite ladies - the dress was super long, I wore platform heels and at 5'11 the hem still skimmed the floor! For me it was perfect though. 

Image credit: Professional Jeweller online

The party itself was a blast - Professional Jeweller certainly know how to have a good time. Returning the dress the next day was extremely easy - you just take it back to the Post Office and attach the pre-paid postage slip to the box. Thanks once again Wish Want Wear for making me feel so special! x