Tuesday 26 November 2013


Right now I am all about beauty products that combat the effects winter - so anything brightening and moisturizing is an instant winner. November's top 5 beauty buys are a combination of classics that I have used for years, but have come into their own now the temperature has dropped, and new products that have revolutionized my morning routine and left me wondering how I ever coped without. 

I only discovered primers this year, but now I am hooked. Mac's Natural Radiance primer contains illuminating pearl powders that reflect optic brightening. Put simply, it's can make my skin look fresh and dewy even when I'm over-worked, over-stressed and (occasionally) hungover. 

This pearly pink liquid highlighter is one of my all time favourite beauty products. I rub a dab on the apples of my cheeks each morning before applying my powder blush to add radiance and luminosity. On a practical note, it also happens to help my blusher 'stick' and last all day. 

Thanks to my mum, I have been using Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream since my teens. However it's in winter when my skin turns into lizard-like scales that it really comes into it's own. Great for wind-chapped hands and cracked knuckles, this balm-come-cream moisturisers, soothes and protects like nothing else I have tried. 

A hair bobble that doesn't leave kinks in your hair? Not possible you might think. But having tried and tested the Twist Band I can report that this US beauty phenomenon is well worth the hype. I used it to tie up my freshly washed hair and it remained kink free after several hours - a wonder product. Thanks to Birchbox UK at The Apartment for introducing me to this over London Fashion Week. 

I have never been one to be concerned about break outs, but this month I have suffered some really painful inflammations that were impossible to ignore. Normally I would just leave my spots alone, but the Nip + Fab spot fix was lying unused in my draw so I gave it a go. I dabbed on the gel at bedtime and was surprised to see (and feel) visible results when I woke up. Most importantly the throbbing pain of a fresh spot that I am sure we are all familiar with disappeared much quicker than usual, kudos to Nip + Fab!

.......Do let me know if you've discovered any wonder products this month too, I'm slowly becoming a beauty junkie and love to hear new suggestions!


  1. Bookmarked this! Definitely trying the primer and hair bands!

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  3. Great product suggestions! Yu Be moisturising cream is my winter holy grail product! Its the most amazing stuff.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Carly - I haven't found a moisturiser that I am in love with as of yet, just read about Yu-Be on Boots website and it sounds amazing! Can't wait to try..

      Sophie x